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Another diaper update

We went through the Huggies Little Snugglers quite fast. There was one major leak accident while we were out. Something that had not happened with the Pampers Swaddlers.

What diapers to use next? We opted for the Seventh Generation in size 3.

They are definitely very “green” and earthy. They’re not nearly as soft or cute as the others but they do the job. Unlike the reviews we read, Lily did not get any diaper rash although they seem to not absorb the number 2’s as well.

However, because they are so “green”, I feel like I’m packing Lily up in cardboard and shipping her somewhere every time I change her diaper.

As environmentally friendly as I like to be, I think I will stick with either Huggies or Pampers. And because we are so “green” in so many other aspects of our daily lives, I don’t feel like I will go to “green” hell for it. 😉

Here is Lily in her Seventh Generation diapers. The only thing cute about these diapers is….Lily!

All together again

Yesterday was the most beautiful day out. It was perfect! Clear blue sky, sunny, in the 60’s, no humidity, PERFECT!

Lily and I had our regular morning routine and went for a long walk.

Will arrived shortly after. YAY!! Both Lily and I missed him like crazy.

Lily is so funny when she is with Will. She gives me this look like “Look mom, I’m with dad.” and she has this serious almost snobby look to her like she’s saying “I’m cool.”. LOL

I was able to take a much needed nap in the afternoon while Will played with Lily. It makes such a difference having Will home. 🙂

It was such a beautiful late afternoon, it inspired us to walk to the beach and sit there for a while.

Both Lily and I are so happy that Will is back.

Here we at the beach. Lily wears pants, jacket and socks by babyGap, hat by Zutano.

Day 4 (and last) of Will’s trip away from home

Yesterday Lily and I woke up at 8am. That’s a bit later than usual. Lily sleeps longer when she is next to either me or Will.

Morning was mellow as usual. Coffee for me, play mat, toys, Elmo, India Arie and the ABC’s for Lily.

After she took her little morning nap which gave me just enough time to take a shower and get dressed, we headed off to visit my ex co-workers.

Every body was so surprised at how big Lily got in the 2 weeks that they hadn’t seen her.

On the way back home, I thought about work, I thought about my co-workers, I thought about the daily routine I had for 6 years.

Do I miss it? NO!

Despite it being all new and challenging, I am SO fortunate to be able to be with Lily all day, every day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is tiring. I am pooped but, it’s moments like when she wakes from her naps, and I go to rescue her from her crib and she gives me the biggest smile of relief that make it all worth while.

What I do miss, is my ex co-workers and adult conversation. But that’s what visits are for. 😉

Will arrives today. We are anxiously waiting for him.

Here are Lily and I having a morning moment. Lily wears pajamas by Old Navy.

Day 3 of Will’s trip away from home

Another smooth day with Lily yesterday.

It wasn’t has gloomy or rainy like on monday so we got to be outside a lot more and even hang out at the beach at the end of the day.

Her tummy is acting up a little though. It started last week. She had 3 days (not repeated) when she didn’t have any bowel movements. She usually has anywhere from 5-7 a day. Yesterday she only had 1 and the day before 2.

It could be that she is in a different stage, or it could be that she is starting to teeth…

She is still not taking the bottle and still wakes up 3-4 times during the night. I wish she would have longer sleeping patterns.

She is however having interest in food. She pays very close attention to everything I put in my mouth. So far I have let her lick the inside of apples (she loved it) and yesterday I gave her some sweet potato.

She liked the taste of the sweet potato, she just is not sure of what to do with her tongue so a lot of it comes back out. Looks like she is not quite ready for food yet which is upsetting to Will who is dying to cook for her.

Speaking of Will, we miss him. (sigh)

Here we are at the beach yesterday. Lily wears a hoodie and pants by Tea and a dress by Old Navy.

Day 2 of Will’s trip away from home

Yesterday went quite well.

It was a gloomy and rainy day here so Lily and I didn’t get as many walks as we usually do but she didn’t get too cranky about it. She loves being out and about.

Unlike all the other days, she actually took a long (almost 2 hours) nap in the morning. She was up throughout the rest of the day and finally went to sleep at 8pm.

When she first went to sleep, I put her in her crib like I always do. However, when she woke up for her feeding, I let her stay in bed with me for the whole rest of the night.

This is not something we usually do. If anything, we let her stay in bed with us after the last feeding of the night which usually happens at 5am.

She slept close to me and because there was more room in the bed I got to enjoy it. She was my little snuggle bunny!

I remember when I was little, whenever my father would be away, my mom would let me sleep with her. Those are always wonderful memories. Sleeping close to my mom while she would rub my head…a habit she created and I still have.

Sure Lily is too little to remember now but, maybe this will be a tradition we will start of our own whenever Will is away. 😉

And yes, we do miss Will like crazy!

Here is the little face that woke up next to me. (This picture was taken in Lily’s crib actually) Lily wears pajamas that were a gift and her bedding is Skip Hop.

Day 1 of Will’s trip away from home

Will left this morning to go to West Virginia until thursday. It will be just Lily and I until then. This will be a big test for all of us.

It will be the first time that Will is away from Lily since she was born and he was not happy about it but it is for the good and the future of our family so there he goes…

It is also the first time that Lily and I will be by ourselves.

Sure Lily and I spend our days together and there have been plenty of days that Will arrived late from work and Lily will be sleeping already but, he is there in the following morning.

So here Lily and I are having our regular morning routine. A bit of coffee for me, the play mat and toys for Lily. We already watched the ABC’s with Elmo and India Arie. Lily will probably be taking her morning nap in a short while.

It’s a gloomy monday morning here in Miami and we are missing Will already.

So here is to the LOVE in our little family! Lily wears a bodysuit and hat given to her by Natasha.

My first night out since giving birth to Lily

Last night was my first night out since I gave birth to Lily. She is now a little over 3 months old.

The plan was for all 3 of us to got out to dinner for our dear friend Michael’s birthday. However, dinner was set for 8pm and that is Lily’s bed time.

Will and I talked about having Lily take a little nap before 8pm so we could all go but as 7pm approached, Lily had not taken a nap and was pretty cranky.

So, Will suggested for me to go by myself. WHAT!? The suggestion sounded foreign to me. I have not been apart from Lily since I gave birth to her. I’m still only breast feeding so Lily goes where my breasts, I mean, I go. Will knew that I needed this, that I’ve been a little postpartum let’s say. (Identity Crisis)

Thoughts started running through my head. Do I know how to be by myself? What should I wear? Do I know how to dress?

All of the sudden I could wear something that I didn’t have to breast feed in. YAY! I’ve been wanting to wear tights, boots and one of my shift dresses for a while. It was cool enough last night so the decision on what to wear was not so difficult.

I got half dressed while Will put pajamas on Lily and then I breast fed her.

Lily usually falls asleep 15 minutes into the feeding. Of course NOT last night! It was like she knew something was going on. I breast fed her on one breast, I breast fed her on the other and she was still up.

She kept looking at me very attentively while I got dressed probably thinking that she was coming out as well. And why wouldn’t she? She usually does.

As I finished getting ready, Will had her in his arms as she was falling asleep. I kissed them goodnight and headed out the door. Mixed emotions were going through me. I felt guilty, I felt excited.

While in the elevator, I felt like I had left the house missing something. I had no baby, no stroller, no baby Bjorn, no diaper bag, something was missing.

A moment of anxiety came over me. Can I do this? Can I be by myself? Can I go out by myself?

I met Kristin downstairs (she lives in the building next to ours) and for a brief moment it felt like old times. The two of us, single girls heading out for a night out in town. Except these were new times. My husband (new) and my baby (new) were upstairs at home. 🙂

While walking with Kristin to meet the rest of the gang for dinner, I started feeling more and more at ease about being by myself. Then I felt guilty about feeling liberated. LOL

Dinner with friends was wonderful and a much needed “Claudia” time but to come home to my husband Will and baby Lily was priceless.

P.S.- I actually ended up forgetting something. My wallet. It was in the diaper bag.

Here we are at dinner last night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!! (from left, Eddie, Michael, me, Darren and Kristin)

What toys to get Lily now!????

We are on a search for cool, fun, educational and hopefully, eco-friendly toys for Lily. It seems to me that she has somewhat outgrown the stuffed animals that just don’t do anything. Maybe they will be better for her again later but I feel like she needs something else now. Something that will really grab her attention! If it’s multifunctional even better. We don’t believe in too many toys nor do we have the space for it.

So, what to get?

If any of you moms and dads have any suggestions, we would love to hear some.

Land of Nod seems to have some interesting options.

Here are some that have gotten MY attention. Again, if you know anything about these toys or others, we would love to hear it.

Ok, diaper update

So, Lily has now been using the Huggies Little Snugglers for exactly 24 hours and so far no leaks or spills. Not that we had any leaks with the Pampers….

I’m not sure about the way the Huggies smell. They definitely have a scent to them once they are wet. I can’t quite put my finger on it…wet card board maybe?

Not to sound too gross but I also feel like the Huggies insulate the smell longer when Lily passes gas. (I hate to call her out like that but it does happen. ;))

One thing I do miss about the Pampers is the yellow strip that slowly turns blue as the diaper gets wet. It lets you know how wet the diaper is.

To me the Huggies Little Snugglers are OK. Not great, not horrible. Just OK.

Once this batch of Huggies Little Snugglers is done I think I would like to try the Seventh Generation and the Huggies Pure and Natural. And maybe even go up a size to 3 for 16-28lbs. It seems like she is outgrowing the size 2.

One thing is for sure though, Lily is just as cute in her Huggies as she was in her Pampers! 🙂

P.S.- The shipment from Lucky Vitamin placed on the 8th has not yet arrived. Can you believe that!!?

And the search for new diapers continues…

Last week I wrote a post about DIAPERS where I expressed interest in diapers other than Pampers.

I was so happy that we had found gDiapers on Lucky Vitamin for a good price. Well, today is the 17th and they have not yet arrived.

Lucky Vitamin has proven to be the WORST online service I have yet used to date.

Not only have the gDiapers not yet arrived but, they sent the refills first and then the gPants. Is that not like having the peanut butter and jelly but NO bread?

I am so annoyed at the fact that Lucky Vitamin hasn’t delivered that I’ve given up on gDiapers altogether. Going forward, I will continue to order diapers from Diapers.com. They deliver within 2 days without any special shipping fees.

So, because we needed diapers, Lily and I walked to Publix, our local super market and picked up a box of the Huggies Little Snugglers size 2.

I just changed her diaper and put her in the new Huggies.  I’m not sure….

The Huggies Little Snugglers feel more paper like than the Pampers which feel a lot softer to me.

Also, the Huggies are a bit smaller than the Pampers even though they are both size 2 for 12-18lbs.

I am however very curious about the pocketed back waistband that the Huggies have in order to “help keep in runny messes”.

We shall see, only time and Lily will tell. 😉

Because Lily looks so cute in her diapers, here she is wearing Pampers.