must have of the day

Must have of the day

A Passport!!!!

Lily’s passport arrived today.

She can finally go visit her family who so anxiously awaits to meet her in Portugal in September. (now all we need are tickets)

Go Lily, Go!

And on that note, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE! I will be meeting up with one of my best friends who I have not seen in more than 3 years.

(And please vote for us. Thank you!)

we chose the smiling picture

Must have of the day

It was so hot yesterday afternoon I didn’t know what to do with Lily.

She was tired of being in the house but I didn’t want to take her downstairs to the pool because at that time of the day, the sun is on that side and even the pool is hot.

I decided to put her little bath tub on the balcony and with a watering can, fill it with water.

She had sooooo much fun!

So what if we don’t have a yard with a kiddie pool?

We have a balcony and a tub. And that is a “Must”!

loving it!!


Must have of the day

Auntie K and Lily are having quite the fun and loving relationship lately. (and I’m so happy because not only is auntie K one of my closest friends but she was also there minutes after Lily was born)

It was a little rocky for a while there (Lily would cry every time she would see auntie K) but, now that they know how silly each other really is and how much fun they can have with that, their relationship has blossomed! 🙂

An auntie K who comes over, brings snacks, invites us to lunch and most importantly…let’s Lily pick her nose? It’s a “Must”!

auntie K and Lily at lunch yesterday. Lily wears a dress by babyGap

auntie K has a pretty nose ring and Lily likes it!


Must have of the day

Lazy sunday afternoons on the balcony so we can watch the birds fly by.

Will, Lily and I had a wonderful late afternoon on our balcony yesterday.

The sky was a beautiful blue, there was a slight breeze and there were many birds flying and chirping around.

Lily was very entertained. 🙂 (photos by WRE)

me whistling at the birds. Lily wears a onesie by babyGap

Lily and I watching the birds

Must have of the day


Well, today is the day. My friend and hairstylist Massimo is coming over and I am finally getting my hair cut.

Not sure if I’m ready to go as short as that great Nina Clemente hair style I posted a while back but, I’m ready for a bit of a change.

I just hope that Lily doesn’t miss my hair…. 🙁

Wish me luck.

change to come…