photo challenges

44/52. twenty nineteen

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2019”


on halloween dressed up as Mal from the descendants with some of her besties before heading out to go trick or treating

when i first began this 52 project in twenty thirteen (here), i wanted it to be all about Lily (of course) but i also wanted it to be about photography

i made it a point to only post pictures taken with my nikon or canon

Lily was so small then

she wasn’t in school and we would spend the days together going on adventures or just playing at home and in the yard

there was time for photography with the nikon then

at the end of every week i would have so many pictures of Lily to try to choose from (it was always so hard)

throughout the years, as she has grown and has started school and after school activities full time, it has been more challenging to keep this project going with the same photography quality

there are weeks when i go through my phone (shameful) looking for a picture of Lily for this project

like this past week

there were none

life is busy

Lilian is busy

so here she is this week with a group of friends

and this is who she is these days

a busy almost ten year old who is fun, creative, loving, honest, active and who enjoys spending time with her friends

it’s a hard transition for this mama heart but this is who she is and who she will be more and more as time goes on

this is her last week as a nine year old (she turns ten on thursday) and i am trying to figure out how the past decade went as fast as it did

happy monday friends

37/52. twenty nineteen

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2019”


this past saturday she had a gymnastics mini meet where she was evaluated on all that she has learned so far

not only did she advance to a higher class but she also got invited to join team

she has been working so hard all year

we are so proud of her

but more importantly, she is proud of herself

happy monday friends!