the things she says

the things she says

January 21 2013 043

“mommy, take a picture of me. being a mermaid” in the bath

——————————————————– * ————————————————-

“i love you mommy. you are my favorite sleeping buddy” at night before going to sleep

———————————————————- * —————————————————

“mommy, we need to take turns to marry pai. today is my turn”

————————————————————- * —————————————————-

“pai, i want to marry you”

——————————————————– * ———————————————–

“mommy, every day on mondays and fridays when pai wipes my butt, he leaves toilet paper stuck in my butt!”

———————————————————– * ————————————————-

“aw mommy, look at Foxy. aw, i love my doggie…”

————————————————————– * —————————————————

chasing and screaming after Foxy “Foxy i am so mad at you!!!!”

————————————————————– * —————————————————

happy sunday!

the things she says

January 11 2013 211

“no. because it’s 1 o’clock” when i asked her if she wiped after she used the toilet (it was 9am)

—————————————————— * ———————————————————-

“JELLY BEANS!!!!!” when i asked her what she would like to take as lunch for school that day

—————————————————— * ———————————————————-

“mommy look, Foxy is doing doggie yoga. silly Foxy”

—————————————————– * ——————————————————–

it’s hard to keep track of all the funny things she says because she is one fast and imaginative talking machine these days

but, some things are a bit more ridiculous (in a good way) than others

happy saturday!

the things she says

when i asked her if she could draw a panda bear she replied:

“oh i’m sorry…. today is not that day”

——————————————- * ——————————————-

“mommy look, my doggie is licking him penis. haha”

——————————————- * ——————————————

“mommy, can i have a candy corn please?”

ok, but just one

“ok. but one means five right?”

no, one means one

“oh ok. hahahaha”

—————————————— * —————————————–

“camels are like giraffes because i’m painting a camel giraffe”

—————————————– * —————————————

“mommy, you need to share your salad because that’s what friends do

———————————————- * ——————————————-

“mommy, i want to do exercise but my butt hurts. no, it itches!”

———————————————– * ——————————————

and on that note, happy saturday everyone!

the things she says

when in the kitchen getting ready to help cook the first thing she says is: “so…”. which is funny because Will and i both start a lot of sentences that way

when something is suggested that she may not agree with she will say “i think not”

when screaming, when i asked her what she was screaming at she replied “i think nothing”

when operating on Elmo’s eyes yesterday she said “your eyes are too big to see Elmo”. she killed me

last night while in bed before going to sleep she said “i don’t like boys” when asked why she said “i don’t like little boys”

when leaving her bed last night thinking that she was asleep, she turned around and said “no mommy. you need me!”

she talks all day long

from the moment she wakes in the morning until she goes to bed at night

while playing by herself with her toys, she talks non-stop and has a great imagination

she blows my mind daily

the things she says

yesterday morning while Lily and i were sitting on our bed playing and talking, she looked into my eyes and said “i see brown Lilies in your eyes mommy!”

later on in the day after i showered her, again we were on our bed and while i brushed her hair, she watched our reflection in the cabinet glass doors and said “mommy! you have a pony tail! you look so beautiful!”

every night when i tuck her in, after i tell her i love her, her last words for the day are “i love you too mommy”

these are the things i never even thought of while i was pregnant

these are the things i never thought would just come out of the mouth of a two year old

my two year old

i love her

i love her more and more each day