things we love!

Gyro Bowl

Have any of you heard of the Gyro Bowl? (no, it’s not a Greek dish πŸ˜‰ )

Aunt Maury gave Lily one and guess what?

It totally works!

I had seen an infomercial for it a while ago but, you know how those infomercials are…

I mean, it looked pretty cool but I didn’t believe that it wouldn’t spill.

Well, it is one of the best kid inventions I have seen.

Grapes, animal crackers, oranges, cheerios, whatever, nothing spills.

Lily loves it and so do I!

Thanks aunt Maury!


Things we LOVE!

CHEERIOS! (or should I say honey nut o’s?)

I bought these organic cheerios for Lily and she LOVES them!

Unlike everything else, she has a hard time putting them in her mouth by herself because they tend to stick to her hand but once they are in, she thinks they are yummy!

She also likes the word “cheerio”. Every time I say it, she smiles.

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Things we LOVE!

Star shaped pasta!!

I purchased a box of star shaped pasta not too long ago and have been adding these little cooked pasta stars to Lily’s daily pureed veggies.

She LOVES it! πŸ™‚

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cooked star shaped pasta with pureed butternut squash

don’t mind Lily’s little booger, she fights hard to keep those!


Things we LOVE!

Mini bagels!!!

The other day we were getting some bagels for the house and I spotted some mini bagels in the bin.

They didn’t have plain but they had potato.

I got 4.

The moment we were out of the bagel shop I handed one to Lily.

She LOVED it!

She held on SO tight and chipped away at it with her 2 little bottom teeth.

She practically ate half of it in one sitting.

you see how tight she is holding on? Lily wears a onesie that was a gift

Things we LOVE!

Yesterday while at Target getting a gift for our friend’s son who turned 6, we decided to go down the baby toys isle to see if something interested us and Lily.

Well….I have not gotten this excited over baby toys. EVER!

There they were, B. Toys. The coolest, most innovative infant/toddler toys I have ever seen.

From the packaging, the colors, the names, the drawings, I wanted them all!!!

We picked Elemenosqueeze (how creative is that?) for Lily and she loved it right away. Would not let it go while sitting in the cart!

Once in the car, I opened the case (super cool) and gave Lily her very first Elemenosqueeze. She looked it over, put it in her mouth. She kept it in her  mouth. We got a winner!! πŸ™‚

Elemenosqueeze are blocks, the alphabet, animals, they squeak, they can go in water. Can you hear my excitement? You would think I got myself a new pair of rockin’ Chloe shoes or something…

I can’t wait for her to get a little older (yes I can, really) because I want these !!!!!

By the way, they also have a super cool website with funny and quirky quotes from kids and Gisela Voss (the VP) has a really cool B.log (get it?  clever!)

Here is Lily (had to do it!) introduced to Elemenosqueeze.

on the way to Target. Lily wears a top and shorts by Old Navy

the B. wall!!!!


Things we LOVE!

We LOVE the father and daughter relationship Will and Lily have.

Really, these two kill me!

They are so much alike, they have so much fun together and it is just wonderful to see the special bond they have.

Here they are hanging out at home yesterday morning. Look at how much alike they are. In every shot, their expressions are the same!


the Will and Lily show


Things we LOVE!

Watching Lily grow and develop.

Lily is becoming quite the little character and we LOVE it!! πŸ™‚

She is smiling more and more showing her two bottom teeth and she makes this hissing sound while she does it. It’s hilarious!

Here she is as I captured her smiling, hissing and playing with her feet after waking from her morning nap yesterday.

hissing smiles


Things we LOVE!

Our friend Kris who we met at the park with her two little cuties Taylor and Sebastian invited us to their pool yesterday afternoon.

She lives right down the street and has decided to make tuesday afternoons pool time for Sebastian and his little friends. We LOVE that idea!!

Along with Lily and I, Dylan was also there with his mommy, Barbara.

We had a wonderful time swimming and playing and are already looking forward to next tuesday.

(We were sad that our friends Claudia and Sofia weren’t there but hopefully they will make it next week along with some other mommies and their babies. :))

Dylan, Lily and Sebastian

Lily wears a swim diaper by Kushies