9/52. twenty twenty one

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2021”


all dressed up and ready for a girls dinner out on saturday night

happy international women’s day

raise them to be unapologetically strong

raise them to be unapologetically proud

raise them to be unapologetically free

free to be who they want to be and love who they choose to love

an overnight visit to the ocean

two saturdays ago Lilian and i got in the car and drove four hours south to folly beach south carolina for an overnight visit to the ocean

it was a short 24 hours away but much needed

something we need to do more often because it had been since august

we caught the sunset at our favorite spot

i caught the sunrise

the best view to wake to

the ocean…. my oldest friend and a constant reset

around here

it was a Lilian and pod free week

one that i tried to fill with dog walks, errands and home tasks

i think the most important thing about this week is that after many years, i finally started therapy

i am curious and hopeful of how it will help me grow

happy friday friends

an overnight visit to the ocean

much welcomed sunshine this week

i changed the living room around this week. the tv had been on top of the mantel. it was way too high and it was uncomfortable watching tv that way

i turned this white tunic into a blush pink one by naturally dyeing it with avocado pits and skins

sunny dog walks in 64 degree weather

signs that spring is not that far away

around here

lots of emotional highs and lows this week

life these days is much harder than it ever was before

even on a good day, emotionally it’s harder

Lilian was with me this week and i decided to call off pod because i felt like i needed some alone time with her

we had a great week and in just a couple of hours we will get in the car and drive four hours to folly beach for an overnight stay

a much needed visit to the ocean

for both of us

happy weekend friends

a snowy view from the kitchen window

the weather was all over the place this past week. suiting to my emotions

valentine’s day by myself in a long, long, long time

blending in

mounted on wallpaper and framed

remote learning fashion

i’m tired of winter

around here

on thursday morning, as i was opening my living room curtains which face the busy street we live on, i saw a man trying to open the gate to get into our yard

i knocked on the glass window and motioned “NO” to him to not open the gate and come in but he continued to do so

he came into our front yard and walked right up to the window i was standing by and smiled at me freakishly

he was wearing no shoes

i could see right away that he was heavily drugged

he then walked onto the front porch, knocked on the door and wiggled the door knob trying to get into the house

at this point, foxy who thankfully is with me was barking his head off and i had called the police

he continued to stand on my front porch until the police came five minutes after i called

they talked to him, walked him outside of the yard and eventually an EMS truck came and took him to mission hospital to get the proper medical care

since moving to this house in august, this is the fourth homeless/drug situation i have had to deal with and the second time i had to call the police

not feeling safe where i am is an understatement

yesterday i spent the whole day on the phone and on the nextdoor app learning what is happening in asheville and trying to find out how we as a community can help and make a change

i learned that before he came to our house, he tried to get into another neighbor’s house while holding a knife

i learned that asheville has the highest crime rates in this country

i learned that this guy went to the hospital and then was released even though he has a file with the police department because due to covid, jails are not wanting to keep anyone in

i learned that since last may due to covid and funding, our police department is down 53 officers

i learned that even if he was tried in court, he would most likely go free because he was under the influence of drugs while committing a crime

i also learned that this is literally happening ALL over this country mostly in larger cities

it is a failed system all the way around and things need to change

and most likely i will need to move


thankful he is here with me

been trying to eat better

but sometimes there are cookies and rainbows for breakfast

and speaking of rainbows, so many of them in the SHOP

and necklaces too

received the greatest late birthday present from my talented friend Justin and i love it so much!

found the perfect frame and spot for it

a snowy sunday moment

but also many sunny ones

zoom ballet audition. proud of her and always miss her when not with her

5/52. twenty twenty one

“a portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2021”


this is 11

this is 11 inspired by anime

this is 11 inspired by 80s female bands

this is 11 inspired by tiktok

this is 11 inspired by youtube makeup tutorials

this is 11 growing curious, strong and confident in her own body

this is 11 expressing herself

this is 11

i love 11