Things we LOVE!

We LOVE rainy days! Well I do anyway, I think Lily would rather have a sunny day so we could go to the park or the beach.

We do however love looking at the raindrops on our windows, watch the raindrops falling in the pool and seeing all the pretty flowers covered by raindrops.

Happy rainy monday!


Rainy monday

It seems that I’m one of the few here in Miami who truly appreciates a gloomy and rainy day every once in a while. And if it’s a gloomy and rainy monday morning even better!

Rainy days always make me feel nostalgic of my childhood in Portugal, walking to school holding my mother’s hand with one hand and an umbrella with the other while wearing a rain coat.

Come to think of it, rainy days make me miss my mom. (But then again, ever since I became a mom, I miss my mom more than ever before.)

On rainy days after school I would play with my dolls in the laundry/play room with its green shag rug (it was the 70’s) and when my mom would start cooking dinner, she would have me in the kitchen helping her. She would give me my own vegetables to wash, peel and cut.

Lily is far too little to remember any rainy days we have right now but I look forward to arts and craft projects that one day she can reflect back on and hopefully remember me on a rainy day. (Oh boy….tears!) 🙂

Here’s to mother and daughter rainy days.

Below, my mom with me when I was a baby (sorry, no pictures of rainy days walking in a raincoat) and Lily and I playing on our bed on a rainy day. Lily wears polka dot shirt by babyGap.


Spring bloom

Yesterday morning we took Lily downstairs to check out all the pretty flowers that had bloomed.

Even though it’s a small yard that we have in the back of our building, there are so many pretty flowers there this time of the year.

Lily was of course appreciating the flowers by trying to rip them off their stems and stick them in her mouth. 😉

It was a wonderful easy morning spent amongst pretty flowers and under another clear blue sky.

Today is a lazy gloomy sunday so far but we are having fun with Lily on her play mat so we are not complaining.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Here is Lily yesterday wearing a bodysuit by babyGap checking the flowers.

Things we LOVE!

Last June, as soon as we found out that the baby in my belly was going to be a Lily, I started shopping! LOL

I think because of the fact that I couldn’t fully “nest” (we live in a 1 bedroom), I shopped for baby girl clothes. But being a smart shopper (if I can say so myself), I took full advantage of the end of the season sales that babyGap and Old Navy were having.

And am I glad that I did! We got great stuff for Lily to wear now for such great prices!

Yesterday she wore this little fish tank top and shorts both by Old Navy that I just thought would be so perfect for a baby on a hot day. I was right. Even daddy Will commented on how cute Lily looked. (Not that she doesn’t look cute every day. :))

We LOVE the little Old Navy outfit Lily was wearing.

It is so wonderful to physically see her wearing the things that were bought for her while I was still pregnant. I used to day dream about what she would look like wearing the clothes we were buying. Now, I can finally see her with my own eyes!

Here is Lily late afternoon yesterday at the beach with Will wearing her little fish tank and shorts both by Old Navy and her Zutano hat. (Look how chubby her legs and arms are getting. YUM!)

Must have of the day

Lily loves being out on our balcony. I often feed her out there.

She is fascinated by the trees and our plant leaves blowing in the wind.

What better than a pinwheel to make things even more fun and interesting?

Believe it or not, pinwheels are not easy to find these days. I have looked for them at our super market, hardware store, Target. Haven’t been able to find any so, I finally searched online and am so happy to have found some on Toy Connection.

I remember how much I loved them when I was a child. Seeing them in gardens and running with them in my hand at the beach.

Pinwheels in our plants on the balcony blowing endlessly in the wind are a “Must”!

Finding friends

It’s been quite a struggle to find friends at the playground. All the kids who usually go are much older than Lily.

Until 3 days ago when this mommy brought her baby girl to play and to see if they too could find friends.

They slowly approached Lily and I and the mommy asked how old Lily was. She was so happy to see another baby close to her 4 month old Sofia at the park. And so was I!

Lily took so Sofia right away, reaching to touch Sofia’s arms, ears and head. It was so cute!

Claudia (what are the chances of the other mommy’s name being Claudia as well) and I hit it off also (it’s important) so we exchanged numbers.

Up until now it’s been just mostly Lily and I all day long by ourselves. I’m aware of the free program that the public library has where they sing and have story time but it takes place on mondays at 10a.m.. Lily is usually taking her morning nap at that time so we have not made it there yet.

I have some mommy friends who live here in Miami but they either have older babies or younger babies. I wish my Holly lived here. Lily and I would have so much fun with her and Spike…. (day dreaming)

Lily had her first play date with Sofia yesterday. On the way to the park, I text-ed Claudia (they live right next to the park, how perfect) and she and Sofia were able to meet Lily and I there.

I  put our tapestry down on the grass and the girls were able to really see and reach for one another. They were such sweeties! It was so nice to see Lily interact with another baby.

I can’t wait for the next play date! (possibly today in the afternoon)

P.S.- On the way down Lincoln Rd last night, we met another mommy with an 11 month old Luca. The mommy’s name? Claudia! What are the chances!? 2 mommies in 1 week both named Claudia. Weird!

Here are Lily and Sofia at the park yesterday. Aren’t they sweet??? 🙂 Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

Lily is so fortunate to have such wonderful uncles. Or like Tori Spelling says “guncles”!

Uncle Michael gave Lily the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein when she was still in my belly. It was one of his favorites when he was little.

Will read it Lily for the first time this morning and well, she LOVED it!

The black and white drawings really grabbed Lily’s attention and both Will and I are huge fans of the story.

Now we want some more of the other Shel Silverstein books. (Uncle Michael, are you reading this????)

Here is Lily this morning with Will having story time. Lily wears babyGap pajamas.