Lily and I went out for our regular morning walk this morning and really paid special attention to all the beautiful nature that is all around us.

Even though we do it every day, we thanked all the beautiful trees and flowers for providing us with shade and beauty.

We are going to be outside as much as we can today.

What better way to celebrate Earth?


Here is Lily this morning being thankful for all the beautiful nature that surrounds us and some more pretty flowers. Lily wears dress and hat by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

Lily and I went for another walk early this morning and stopped at a water fountain on Lincoln Rd because it had all these flowers that had fallen from the trees floating in the water.

The result? These pictures that we just LOVE!

(It also reminded us of our friend Keith who does beautiful flower in water art at Me&Ro)

Lily’s and Sofia’s first beach trip together

Yesterday afternoon instead of going to the park to meet up with Claudia and Sofia like we always do, Claudia suggested the beach since Sofia had never been yet.

What a great idea! Lily loves the beach and hadn’t been in a couple of days.

We met at 4:30p.m. and walked to the beach together.

Once we arrived at the beach, we pulled the strollers close to the water and let the girls out.

How exciting!!! Sofia’s first time.

She loved it right away. She had the biggest smile on her cute little face when first looking at the ocean.

The water was a big success also. Both Lily and Sofia dipped their feet in. It was at a great temperature. Not too cold, not too hot. The tide was almost all the way out and there were little waves rolling in.

They played in the water, they played on the blanket with the Winkel, it was a lovely afternoon.

YAY for Sofia’s first time at the beach and we hope we can have many more beach times together. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of Lily’s and Sofia’s first beach trip together. Lily wears bodysuit by Old Navy, romper by The Children’s Place and hat by Zutano.

Things we LOVE!

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!!!!!

I know we expressed how much we LOVE flowers on here before but, we really do! Lily was named after one after all.

We saw so many beautiful flowers on our morning walk today. Beautiful orchids on Lincoln Rd, little flowers on the grass, flowers on bushes.

We LOVE them all!!

And we love to share so of course we took pictures. Enjoy!

Lil muse sunshine!

After 2 days of rain (sunday and most of yesterday) Lily is back to her normal self today.

Unlike me, she does not care for the rain. She is a sunshine baby!

I was happy the sun came out in the afternoon yesterday and we got to make it to the park. Lily was feeling quite cranky so it was wonderful to be at the playground with Lily’s bff Sofia again.

Today has been a beautiful day so far. The sun started shining first thing in the morning and unlike most mornings, after Lily had her breakfast, we went on a morning walk.

We were out the door before it was even 9a.m. and it felt refreshing to be out at that time without many people around yet.

The streets were still quiet so we could really hear the sounds of the birds chirping.

The trees are in full bloom and there are so many beautiful flowers around!

Perhaps we will make this part of our morning routine since in a few months it will start getting too hot later on in the day. 😉

Here’s to Spring and a sunshine Lily!

Here are some photos of our walk this morning. Lily wears bodysuit by The Children’s Place and hat by Zutano.

Things we LOVE!

Aunt Massimiliana 😉 and uncle Juan gave Lily this Playskool Gloworm Girl while she was still in my belly.

It has become a staple in Lily’s crib.

When Lily wakes from her naps, I often find her on the opposite side of the crib (she wiggles herself there) playing with her Gloworm.

She is not strong enough to press her chest yet making the Gloworm glow and play music but hey, that’s what mommies are for. 🙂

Here is lily in her crib after waking from a nap playing with her Gloworm. Thank you aunt Massimliana and uncle Juan! (Lily wears a bodysuit by Old Navy)