Must have of the day

Knowing now how much Lily likes swinging, a swing is definitely something we will need hanging from a tree in our back yard one day. (Hopefully sooner than later but anyway…)

I was looking through Petite Planet when I found this  Left Hand Make (Will will sure appreciate the name since he is left handed ;)) Soar Swing. How perfect is it?

With its bird shape, Lily will be able to fly just like one. I can hear the sweet laughter now….

Swing with it baby!

Going to the park has become for the most part a daily outing for Lily and I. Unless it’s raining of course.

Since we started going, I have seen such a difference in her. At first, she must have not been too sure. Now don’t get me wrong, she didn’t dislike it but, she also didn’t show the enthusiasm she now does.

Before I even put her in the swing, there is a sparkle in her eye to be at the park. She seems  completely aware of where she is going just by us strolling around the playground to get to the entrance.

She looks around at the bigger kids (she’s always the smaller one) and there seems to be a certain look of happiness and pride to be at the playground amongst all the others. Don’t rush getting older Lily,  I think to myself.

Once she is on the swing, she is a happy Lily.  🙂

I stand in front of her and push. She smiles.

She loves having me in front of her and as the swing comes towards me, I reach for her hands and grab them. She smiles BIG!

I’m happy to see Lily is a fan of the swings. I know I was and  still am actually. 😉

Here is Lily on the swing yesterday wearing a polka dot shirt and romper by babyGap and hat by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

Our friend Sara lent us this Sassy bouncy/jumper before Lily was even born and although we only have 1 real door frame to hang it from, Lily LOVES it!

It just so happens that the door frame is on the bedroom door to the balcony. Lily loves being on the balcony looking at the sky and the trees so, it’s perfect! 😉

Thank you Sara and Sam!

Here is a Sassy Lily enjoying herself on her bouncy/jumper wearing leggings by Old Navy and socks by babyGap.

Must have of the day

With Lily growing so fast like most kids do, this Studio 1a.m. MeasureMe Stick that I found through Handmade Charlotte will definitely have to be a feature in Lily’s room.

I mean, what kid doesn’t like to measure him/herself?

The Studio 1a.m. MeasureMe Stick is made out of  bamboo, non-toxin ink and finish, and it has enough room for you to really write on. It’s a “Must”!

4th month check-up

We just get back from seeing Dr. Salinas, Lily’s pediatrician. Today was Lily’s 4th month check up and the beginning of the second round of vaccines.

Lily now weighs 16lbs2oz and measures 25″. What a BIG girl she is! 🙂

Dr. Salinas was happy to hear that Lily has been eating such good foods like avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, bananas, apples and pears. And we were happy to not get in trouble for giving them to Lily since we hadn’t checked with Dr. Salinas prior to giving them to her.

Lily also had 2  shots. One oral and the other by needle. She took the oral shot quite well and barely cried with the needle shot.

She is such a good and healthy baby Lily. YAY!

Here is Lily on my lap wearing my cardigan waiting for Dr. Salinas and today’s band-aid Tweety Bird!.. Cardigan is from Anthropologie.

Things we LOVE!

We purchased most of Lily’s clothing when she was still in my belly. Mostly because babyGap and Old Navy were having such great end of the season sales.

One of those Old Navy purchases was this little romper.

The romper is size 6-12mths and when we purchased it we obviously didn’t know what Lily looked like. We were just attracted to the style, the print and the 2 cute little mother of pearl flower shaped buttons in the back. It is so wonderful to finally see Lily wearing it.

And well, she sure looks cute in it. LOVE it!

Here is Lily at the beach wearing her romper and sun hat both by Old Navy.


Things we LOVE!

Wonderful weekends at the beach!

I know I have posted LOVE beach posts but, we really LOVE the beach.

Now that the days are longer and are getting warmer, we go to the beach every weekend and during the week, we go late in the afternoon.

Lily LOVES the beach. Yesterday  when her little feet touched the sand, she started foot stepping and had the biggest smile on her face.

So simple but yet so wonderful. 😉

Here is Lily at the beach on saturday wearing a romper and hat by Old Navy and cardigan by babyGap. And yesterday wearing a t-shirt by Zutano and leggings by babyGap.