So much for what they say!

So far, since Lily started eating solid  food, her naps have gone from 30 minutes to almost 2 hours.

Everyone has something different to say. We have read books that have stated that it is not proven that solid foods will make a baby sleep longer.

Well, from our personal experience, food has definitely made Lily sleep longer. Her day naps last longer and so do some of her nights.

We are sooooo happy about this. 😉

Here is a much rested Lily after a 2 hour morning nap yesterday. Lily wears pajamas by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

Our Skip Hop crib bedding set!

I looked at TONS of bedding when I was “nesting” before I found out that Lily was in fact a Lily. The set I always kept on coming back for was this Skip Hop Mod Dot set. It was great for both genders I thought.

I purchased it from Baby Nursery and Beyond through Kaboodle because it went on sale and we were past the “danger” pregnancy months.

Well, it was one of the best purchases. We LOVE it!

The set includes 2 fitted sheets, one yellow and the other beige with brown polka dots, the bumper, the crib skirt and the blanket.

I have washed both fitted sheets and the blanket many times and its colors are still vibrant.

This Skip Hop Mod Dot set is contemporary and not too baby like. Just how we like it. 😉

Here is a happy Lily through the months enjoying her Skip Hop bedding. In January wearing a striped shirt that was a gift from aunt Sarah with a jumper from babyGap, In February wearing pajamas that were a gift, and in March wearing monkey and striped pajamas both by Old Navy.

Must have of the day

I want Lily to take her time growing up. I want to enjoy her as a baby as long as I can, who knows, there might not be another baby and she might be the only one. I do however get excited when I see arts and crafts projects and can’t wait for days and hours filled with them and Lily!

This Stitch-it Owl Kit by The Little Experience on the wonderful  Grasshopper website is a perfect example of a great arts and crafts project to teach cutting on the dotted line and learn how to do the first stitches.

And they are owls. By now you know we LOVE owls! 😉

This Stitch-it Owl Kit is a “Must”!

Diaper update. You didn’t think we had settled, did you?

It took many different diaper trials, leaks and messy, runny spills but we finally found them!

We had been using the Pampers Baby Dry and we liked them, they did the job. We never had any leaks or runny spills  however, they always had that funny “Pamper” smell.

Then, this week we finally decided to try the last one on the list. We finally ordered the Huggies Pure&Natural diapers from

They are wonderful! They last all through the night without leaking. There have been no messy, runny spills but, since Lily started eating food, there are no runny poops anymore. There are solid poops now! (I would take a picture but everything has its limits, no? ;))

The Huggies Pure&Natural are just what they say they are. Pure&Natural! They are made of organic cotton, they are hypoallergenic, they have aloe and vitamin E, no funny scents, no dyes, they are soft! And….with the exception of the faint Winnie The Pooh print, they are almost all white. Isn’t that what a diaper is supposed to be, white?

YAY! We have finally found them. The Huggies Pure&Natural win. The diaper war is officially over.

For now anyway. 😉

Here is a happy Lily in her Huggies Pure&Natural.

Things we LOVE!

Our fruits and vegetables!

Lily has been eating more new fruits and vegetables every day.

Yesterday she had homemade apple and pear sauce and she loved it!

For breakfast she usually has rice cereal with mashed banana or apple sauce.

For lunch she’s been having half of an avocado and for desert, sweet potato mixed with a bit of apple sauce.

Later in the afternoon she will have some more sweet potato and a little bit of banana.

I think today we are going to cook some carrots for her so add that on the list of rice cereal, bananas, avocado, sweet potato, apples and pear. Everything organic and homemade. LOVE it!

P.S.- There’s a sweet potato missing in the picture below. We ran out. Must go by some later.

Got milk?

YES! I do! I got more milk than I know what to do with these days.

Since Lily started eating food, I had to start pumping because otherwise my breasts felt like they were going to burst but also, instead of water, I put my breast milk in her rice cereal…YUMMY!

Before giving birth, my friend Sara lent me her Medela breast pump and let me tell you, it’s a life saver or should I say, a breast saver!

I just ordered more of the Medela Pump&Save breast milk bags from because I filled up every bottle and the few milk bags I had in the house.

It really is true what they say. The more you pump, the more milk you produce. When I first started pumping, I would only get 2oz from each breast. But now…. I get as much as almost 6oz from each one.


Things we LOVE!

Seeing a happy Lily at the beach!

We had a wonderful sunday at the beach. It was a perfect day.

Lily dipped her feet in the water, took a 2 hour nap in her tent while listening to the sound of the waves…LOVE it!

We look forward to warmer water so we can really dip Lily in. 😉

Here is a happy Lily at the beach on sunday wearing a Polo jumpsuit that was a gift from Margeaux and hat by Zutano.