Things we LOVE!

We LOVE Lily’s babyGap madras Mary-Jane shoes that were a gift from our friend Dnene.

Lily wears them everywhere and with just about anything. She is almost outgrowing them….. 🙁

Here she is sporting some of her best looks with her little madras babyGap shoes. In order Lily wears hoodie jacket by Tea, shirt, socks and shoes by babyGap and leggings by Old Navy. Dress/tunic, pants, shoes and socks all by babyGap. Dress by Old Navy, pants by Tea and shoes by babyGap.

Must have of the day

My cousin Ana posted this wonderful artist’s work on my facebook wall on saturday and I just about lost it!

Brace yourselves owl and other birds and nature lovers (Holly). Helen Musselwhite has the MOST beautiful art I have seen in a very long time.

It’s hard to choose. Every single piece is beautiful and dreamy. A total “Must” in Lily’s imaginary bedroom.

One will do for now

This past saturday we took off to Pine Island, FL to go visit dear friends of ours. Pine Island is about a 2-3 hour ride away from Miami.

Before leaving the house, while I gathered all of our things, Will made a comment about how it now took twice as long and as much stuff to go anywhere. “HA! and you want another one” I told him.

It’s true, it does take twice as long and twice as much stuff to go anywhere. But, it will take even longer and much more stuff when/if there will be another.

And I say when/if because right now, as much as I would love to have another, I can’t even think about it and (excuse me) my vagina hurts just hearing about the thought of it.

We packed ourselves and our things in the car and were smoothly cruising when Lily awoke from her nap because she had to do the BIGGEST bowel movement.

She has made it her tradition to do so as soon as we start on any long car trip. The same thing happened in December when we started driving to West Virginia.

As I sat next to her in the back seat, I looked at Will with fear in my face and commented on how it did not sound or smell good. And sure enough, as I peaked underneath her leg, it was EVERYWHERE! All over her clothes and the car seat.

It’s a good thing that by now, I know her and I packed plastic bags (for dirty clothes) and 3 other changes although we were only going for an overnight trip.

In the back seat I changed a very messy Lily and cleaned the car seat and thought to myself….imagine 2? Very brave are the ones who do it.

So, with a clean and happy Lily, we carried on with our driving and made it to Pine Island safely and without any other messes.

We had a wonderful time and I think I will enjoy Lily for now and not worry about the second one until much later. My clock is ticking though…..

Here are some highlights of our trip. In order Lily wears cardigan and leggings by babyGap, dress by Old Navy and hat gift from Natasha. Romper, polka dot shirt and shoes by babyGap, polka dot tights by Zutano.

Another diaper update

We went through the Huggies Little Snugglers quite fast. There was one major leak accident while we were out. Something that had not happened with the Pampers Swaddlers.

What diapers to use next? We opted for the Seventh Generation in size 3.

They are definitely very “green” and earthy. They’re not nearly as soft or cute as the others but they do the job. Unlike the reviews we read, Lily did not get any diaper rash although they seem to not absorb the number 2’s as well.

However, because they are so “green”, I feel like I’m packing Lily up in cardboard and shipping her somewhere every time I change her diaper.

As environmentally friendly as I like to be, I think I will stick with either Huggies or Pampers. And because we are so “green” in so many other aspects of our daily lives, I don’t feel like I will go to “green” hell for it. 😉

Here is Lily in her Seventh Generation diapers. The only thing cute about these diapers is….Lily!

All together again

Yesterday was the most beautiful day out. It was perfect! Clear blue sky, sunny, in the 60’s, no humidity, PERFECT!

Lily and I had our regular morning routine and went for a long walk.

Will arrived shortly after. YAY!! Both Lily and I missed him like crazy.

Lily is so funny when she is with Will. She gives me this look like “Look mom, I’m with dad.” and she has this serious almost snobby look to her like she’s saying “I’m cool.”. LOL

I was able to take a much needed nap in the afternoon while Will played with Lily. It makes such a difference having Will home. 🙂

It was such a beautiful late afternoon, it inspired us to walk to the beach and sit there for a while.

Both Lily and I are so happy that Will is back.

Here we at the beach. Lily wears pants, jacket and socks by babyGap, hat by Zutano.

Things we LOVE!

As far as pajamas go, we have had all different kinds. Sleepers in cotton and in fleece with feet that either zipper up or snap up.

I find that Lily is the happiest with her feet not covered while she sleeps. She’s like me this way. I can’t sleep with socks on.

When it comes to changing her during the night while I’m half asleep, pull on pants are the easiest you can get. Zippers can get tricky and snaps take too long.

That’s why we LOVE these pajamas by Old Navy!

They are soft, easy, they have owls on them. They just make us happy. 🙂

We actually just ordered some more in bigger sizes and in other fun prints. (More pictures to come.)

Here is a happy Lily in her Old Navy pajamas.