A La Folie

Date night

Will and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday. (can’t believe we have only been married for a year, feels like forever)

Uncle Darren came over to watch Lily (sleep) so both Will and I could go out on a proper date. (thanks uncle Darren!)

We went to Espanola Way to A La Folie, our favorite crepe place.

We had a romantic dinner, walked around, looked at some art, checked out the new Symphony New World Center.

It was a wonderful night.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday A La Folie

On sunday we went to one of my favorite places here in South Beach.

A La Folie is a little french bistro/creperie on one of the cutest streets here on the beach.

We had not been in over a year (don’t know why) but, it was great to have rediscovered it all over again.

I had my usual, the Belle Hellene crepe. It’s filled with caramelized pears, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the side.

It was delicious!!!! (even Lily thought so 😉 )

A La Folie