The Barbie series

I’m working on a Barbie series.

Do you guys remember THIS post?

I can’t help myself. When one thinks of Barbie, I guess one thinks of her with Ken in a pink shiny car or walking her poodle in high heels wearing whatever ridiculous outfit.

I would like to thank Adelaide and Lily for showing me a very different Barbie world.

Have a great saturday everyone! We are off to the beach.


Aunts and nieces

While in Carova, NC having Adelaide around, I thought a lot about the special relationship between aunts and nieces.

On my mother’s side of the family, I am blessed with wonderful aunts and one aunt in particular was like a mother to me while I was growing up.

You see, when I was a young girl (10yrs old), my brother (then 2yrs old) and I stayed in Portugal with my dad’s sister for 3 years while my parents came to the U.S.A. to better their lives to give both my brother and I more opportunities.

Although my dad’s sister (I won’t call her aunt) always made my mom’s absence obvious by not treating us like her own, my aunt Marilia (my mom’s brother’s wife) who we would spend our summers with, always made me miss my mom less.

My aunt Marilia always treated both my brother and I the same way she treated her own 2 children.

She never gave us less. She never gave us more. She always gave us the same.

During the time that we were around my aunt Marilia, I always felt like I had a mother around.

Someone who was caring, loving but also was not afraid to discipline.

Because stuff happens and some relationships don’t last forever, Adelaide was in Carova without her mom. And most likely during our future family time together, she will be without her mom.

Being a 4yr old without her mom while watching her cousin with her mom is not easy. This I know by experience.

Thanks to my aunt Marilia, I also know the difference an aunt can make.

I hope that as Adelaide grows, I can continue to be a good aunt to her and that one day when she is older, she can think of me in the same way I think and cherish my dear aunt Marilia.

 Adelaide, me and Lily. september 2011

my cousin Helena with her daughter Sofia and my aunt Marilia with Lily. november 2010

Hot mess!

If you had seen Lily yesterday you would have wondered whose daughter she was. LOL

She was mismatched in the not so cutest way possible. But, whatever, it was a very wet day here, we were inside most of the day, I didn’t bring that many warm clothes and she had already gotten her first outfit all wet and dirty by rolling in the wet grass first thing in the morning.

This post however is not about her horrible mismatched outfit but about Lily playing dress-up.

Cousin Adelaide left some of her dress-up things behind and Lily was not shy to put them on yesterday. Making her outfit all the better.

If cousin Adelaide had seen her, she would have told Lily she looked like a “hot mess!”. 😉

a peak at fall’s look


It was quite quiet around here yesterday.

Cousin Adelaide went back to Morgantown and everyone else was at work during the day.

Lily and I spent the day together doing the normal things we do daily.

It’s wonderful being here in this house on the mountain, there is no noise except for the sound of the leaves being blown by the wind, birds, crickets…

It’s a wonderful change from the garbage trucks, car alarms, sirens and so on that we get in Miami.



Wonder full

Yesterday the girls had many of firsts.

From swimming in the river (Adelaide’s first time), to roasting their own hotdogs and s’mores on an outside fire, these two little girls just kept on going all day long.

I seriously don’t know what’s better sometimes, to do something for the first time or to watch someone do something for the first time.

All of us adults had such joy watching Lily and Adelaide’s little faces as they experienced things for their first time.

By the time their little heads hit their pillows (at regular bed time), they had had a wonder full day. 🙂

a morning walk



Is there anything better than an older cousin?

A cousin who holds you by the hand and shows you everything she knows?

A cousin who introduces you to the magical world of dressing up?

A cousin who scrubs you down and washes your hair in the shower?

A cousin who goes to bed earlier than her bed time because she wants to sleep next to you?

A cousin who watches over you and makes sure you are ok?

There is nothing better.

Lily has that in her cousin Adelaide.

These two little girls are creating a bond they will have hopefully for the rest of their lives and they are having so much fun while doing so.


and a SHOUT OUT to…

aunt Desiree, uncle Jud and cousin Adelaide!

They sent Lily the cutest little pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes. They are still a little big but we can’t wait to see Lily in them.

Here are the little “Stuarts” as well as Lily and cousin Adelaide on December 19 2009 for Adelaide’s 2nd birthday. Lily wears bodysuit and dress by babyGap, tights and booties by Zutano.