The park after hours

Lily and I went to the park late afternoon yesterday.

We played with the sand, went on the swings, the slide, watched the ducks (Lily’s favorite).

We also caught an amazing sunset because we stayed longer than usual.

It was great seeing the park in a different light.

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look who wants to stand all by herself now!


For Will

The weather has been so perfect!

The mornings and late afternoons are cool. I got to wear tights comfortably and have had to bundle Lily up at night since she uncovers herself while sleeping.

The middle of the afternoon is still a bit warm. Specially in the sun.

It was so nice yesterday morning that we went back to the park.

Lily must have been missing the sand because she just kind of sat in it for a while, picked it up with both her hands and just felt it flow out.

All over herself of course.

She is really good on the big swings now. They are the only ones we have found around here.

She misses you.

As do I.

Can’t wait for you to get here so we can share all these things with you.

Love you!



Lily finally got to meet her tio Ricky (my brother) yesterday.

We drove to Evora to pick him up and bring him back to Beja for a couple of days.

It was wonderful to finally have one of the most important people in my life meet… well… one of the other most important people in my life.

Of course they hit it off right away. 🙂

While in Evora we also took Lily to one of their beautiful parks.

It was a great afternoon.

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tio Ricky and Lily


Rain, rain, go away…

Don’t get me wrong, I love a rainy day.

However, I don’t love a rainy day with Lily as much as I do by myself. (does that sound horrible?)

It’s been raining since tuesday early afternoon and it’s been super challenging trying to entertain this 10 month old inside this 1 bedroom apartment.

Here is Lily playing on the balcony which is empty due to the building being painted at the moment.

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Friday afternoon I cleaned out Lily’s armoire.

I took away most clothes 6-12mths and replaced them with clothes 12-18mths.

Does anybody else have such a hard time doing this like I do?

I mean, I seriously cry every time I clean out her clothes.

Of course I am happy that she is growing and healthy but, on the other hand, baby Lily is slowly disappearing…

It has all gone by so fast.

Ugh, I think I’m about to cry right now!

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Lily. March 2010

September 2010

A nap

Both Will and I took turns taking afternoon naps with Lily this weekend.

I love taking naps with her.

It’s hard for me to get much sleep because I just end up staring at her. (and quietly take pictures)

She is growing so fast I want to soak it all up!

I want to stare at her and remember her as she is as much as I can…

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an angel

baby cleavage!