Tio Ricky’s 31st

It was my brother’s 31st birthday on friday.

We were fortunate to be here this year just like last year to celebrate his special day with him.

I can’t believe he is 31. I can’t believe he is a father. I can’t believe how fast time flies.

Today is my mom’s birthday and we will be going to Evora to spend the day as a family and to say farewell to my brother, Anabela and baby Dicky. (that’s always a hard one for me)

Happy November everyone!

Lily put the candles on

happy 31st!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

It’s the second year that Lily and I are in Portugal during this time of year and to tell you the truth, I’m quite bummed out to be missing out on Halloween again.

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday (aside from Christmas).

I love everything about it and am dying to share its magic with Lily. I guess there is always next year…

If I were to dress Lily up this year, I guess I would dress her up as a fairy due to her choosing.

Ever since tio Ricky and Anabela bought her the “Abby dress” at H&M almost 2 weeks ago, Lily has put it on every day.

She wears it to the park, to the grocery store, around the house…. she loves it!

Looking through old albums here at my mom’s house, I also found a picture of me dressed up for Carnaval. So, in the spirit of Halloween, I’m posting it.

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Hope you have a great time letting your best (and worst) freak out. 😉

P.S.- Even though Portugal has somewhat adopted Halloween, I feel funny celebrating it here since I believe it’s an American holiday. I’m sure Lily will be putting on her “Abby dress” though.

Lily at the park here in Beja on two different days last week

 me. around 12?

around here

We have been in Beja Portugal for 1 week today.

It was a week filled with adjustments and family.

Lily has been sleeping all through the night and wakes even later than usual (like 9-10am!).

She has still to really warm up to her avo Carmo and avo Ricardo but she is getting there.

She is ALL about mommy lately but, hey… her pai is far away so, patience.

Aside from spending a lot of family time together, we have been going to different parks and walks around town.

I wish the weather was cooler but, it feels wonderful to walk on these cobble stoned streets under different trees while looking at really old architecture.

Here are some delightful moments and happy full moon!

P.S.- I’m not sure how much traveling I will do this time around so, if you would like to see Portugal, visit some of last year’s posts. Go here, here, here, here and here.

visiting the ducks at the park i grew up going to

feeding the ducks


Hulk baby

That is the name my brother gave Lily yesterday when I told him through IM that when I checked on her playing in her room, she had taken a green marker and colored herself.

It’s not that often that I get to talk to my brother.

With 5 hours difference between us (he’s in Portugal), with his work schedule, I’m lucky if I get him once every two weeks.

He and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby boy in october and I am so excited because Lily and I will be there for the birth. (we will be visiting from oct.4th-nov.3rd)

On another note, I was sick the past two days.

I got a nasty stomach bug on sunday and I am just so lucky that it was sunday and Will was home to watch Lily.

Perrier, Ginger Ale and sleep were my best friends.

I’m much better today (just feeling a bit weak still) and I’m so thankful because being sick when you have little ones is no fun!

look at that face! lol. so thankful for washable markers

Broken Social Scene at Casa da Musica

I mentioned before how amazing the Casa da Musica is.

Its architecture is so new, so clean, I loved seeing such a futuristic building amongst all the older architecture in that great city of Porto.

It was the perfect place to see such a show like Broken Social Scene.

Even though Casa da Musica is HUGE, the rooms inside are not so big.

You had a good view of the stage no matter where you were in the room.

Broken Social Scene ROCKED!

Not all the members were there (no Feist) but they jammed for 2.5 hours non-stop!

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Feeling a bit guilty…

Lily turned 1 yesterday and Will and I are skipping out on her already.

Just kidding. (but that’s kind of what it feels like in a way)

Will, my brother, his girlfriend and I are taking off to Porto (the north of Portugal) today for a couple of days.

We are taking advantage of grandparents, the fact that Lily is totally comfortable with them and our last days here.

I have never been to the north so I’m really excited to go.

We will also be seeing Broken Social Scene while we are there at the Casa da Musica.

Should be a good time and yet weird because I have never slept away from Lily.

Here are a some pictures from the other night when we all went out.

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Lily’s 1st birthday

For Lily’s birthday yesterday, we had a small family birthday party for her at tia Tete’s house.

As always there was lots of food and tons of sweets.

Lily walked more than ever yesterday.

She was all over the yard and the house all by herself.

We sang happy birthday to her both in Portuguese and in English.

She was all about the cake, the blowing of the candle, the opening of all the wonderful presents that she received and wearing the beautiful dress that uncle Michael gave her a while back.

It was a wonderful day.

I can’t believe she is 1. She is officially a toddler…

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Picture overload again. 😉

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Avo Carmo’s birthday

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday.

Tia Tete organized a big lunch at her house with the whole family. (only tio Ricky and Anabela were missing 🙁 )

The lunch started at 12:30pm and when we left it was 9pm. LOL

It was an ALL day event.

Everyone had a wonderful time just spending time together enjoying the present and reminiscing about the old times.

There were also exciting news… prima Ana is pregnant! 🙂 We are all soooooooooo happy for her and Nuno.

P.S- if these ALL day eating events continue, I will need some fat pants because I sure won’t fit in my skinny ones.

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Vitor, avo Carmo and Ana


Tio Ricky’s birthday party

My brother turned 30 on thursday.

Yesterday after we picked Will up from the airport, we drove to Evora to go to his surprise birthday party that his gf Anabela, her family and friends threw for him.

The party took place at an old grain house.

The grain house is part restaurant, part museum.

Lily was miss social butterfly the whole night.

She played, ate, laughed.

We didn’t get home until 1am!

It was a great turn out, we all had a great time.

WARNING: this post is picture heavy. but then again it’s not every day I celebrate my brother’s birthday at an old grain house with family and good people all the way around.

Happy November everyone!!!!

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