Art Basel

Art overload

Happy monday everyone!

Well, Art Basel ended yesterday and it went as fast as it came.

Every year I get so excited and anxious for this time of year and then run around like crazy trying to see as much art and go to as many events as I can and it’s just exhausting and it gets to be… art overload.

This year I missed the previous years when there was a lot more art on the beach. At hotels, in the containers… there used to be a lot more art on the beach.

It was more about the Design District, Wynwood and Midtown this year and with all the traffic, it was hard getting around.

Nonetheless, I did see a lot of wonderful art (and some bad like the video installations at the New World Symphony but at least the fatboy cushions were awesome and the company even better) and it just amazes me how there are so many talented people in this world.

I hope you enjoyed Basel week here and as I promised yesterday, here is an art overload picture post.

Now that Basel is gone, I can focus on home things again. This week will be for Christmas shopping, organizing, doing laundry and cleaning because we will be flying out to the mountains of West Virginia next thursday.

Can you all believe Christmas is 20 days away? I can’t!!


Art Miami

Yesterday Will, Lily and I went to my favorite pizza place, Andiamo and then embarked on another art adventure at Art Miami.

I will write more about the experience tomorrow as well as have an art overload picture post but, all I can say is that it was just that…. art overload!!!

Today we are taking it easy, no more art. I think we will attempt to do some Christmas shopping instead. (i guess that’s not really taking it easy. lol)

Have a great sunday everyone!

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on me: headband- missoni. top- zara. tank- gap. skinnies- rag&bone. booties- f21

on Lily: top- dpam. skinnies- target. socks- babygap. booties- minnetonka

andiamo. best pizza ever!


Fly’s eye dome, Miru Kim and Black lips

Hello everyone!

Last night I had a date with a bowl of pasta, my couch and my man. I was so exhausted from the night before.

Why you might ask? Well, it is so hard to get around here by car due to all the Basel traffic that we decided to ride our bikes to the design district.

Can you say 11-12 mile ride there and back with crazy winds against us on the way back? Not so much fun.

But, the night itself was fun!

We started with Buckminster Fuller’s fly’s eye dome which is totally amazing especially at night. It made me feel like I was in space.

Then we headed over to the Primary Projects Gallery where we saw Miru Kim’s installation “I like pigs and pigs like me”.

What can you say about a woman who chooses to express herself by living in a pen at the front of one of the galleries with two pigs for 104 hours?

Art? Maybe not. Animal abuse? Maybe. But definitely makes for good conversation.

We finished the night with an awesome live performance by Black Lips.

They totally rocked it out, told security to get off the stage and basically let their fans get on stage to sing and dance with them. Pretty cool.

Today we are headed to Art Miami.

I wish you all a wonderful saturday!

Buckminster Fuller’s fly’s eye dome


Lily, the little Baselista

This is the third year that Lily has been going to Basel.

In 2009 she was only 1 month old and I think I only got to take some short walks with her.

Last year, we checked out art both during the day and at night. She was still small enough to carry in a sling.

This year she has only experienced it during the day because she is too big for a sling and yet it is a big hassle to deal with the stroller with these many people around. Either way, her bed time is 7pm.

Yesterday (and this morning) we went over to Collins park to check the public art that is out for everyone to enjoy and some pop art at a gallery on the corner of 21st and Collins that has start troopers on the balconies. (not sure of the name)

Lily really enjoyed being able to touch and walk around all the public art and her fave? The super BIG Mr. Potato Head at the gallery. (of course. so much that we went to see him again today)

I have said this on here before but, I just think that it’s so important to expose kids to art.

Tomorrow I think we will go to Art Miami so come back to check out some more Basel.

Happy weekend everyone!


Robert Melee, it sitting

Anish Kapoor, black stones, human bones

Anthony Pearson, untitled


Basel time!

Are you all ready for Basel week? Good, cause it’s here and thanks to uncle D who will be watching Lily on some nights and thanks to Will, I am planning on being one busy Baselite!

Alex and I sort of started things off here. Tuesday night and last night Kristin and I went around the beach in search of awesome art.

Tuesday night we loved the 1111 building all lit up in Ferrari red and we paid a visit to our favorite Lincoln Rd artists who happen to both be women.

Last night we were a bit disappointed as we walked in and out of hotels who in the previous years had tons of new art to exhibit. Not so last night. Looks like Basel is getting farther and farther away from the beach.

Tonight we will be going off the beach for some more art and a concert!

I will try my best to give you the whole Basel report so, sit back and enjoy some art and Art Basel in Miami!

1111 in ferrari red

K’s fave


Smells like Basel

Hello everyone!

Well, my favorite time to be in Miami has come. Art Basel time.

If you are not familiar with what Art Basel is, it is the largest art fair in the world and it has taken place here in Miami every december since 2002.

My friend Alex (who has 2 pieces exhibiting this year) arrived yesterday so we kicked off the Basel season by going to the 1111 building (where they will be having a Ferrari show) and taking some pics.

More to come about Basel all this week.

Have a great day!

Alex and i


Botanical Basel

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to take Lily to the Botanical Garden to have some peace and quiet.

Well, I should have known better since the garden is right across from the convention center where it’s Basel madness.

Basel had taken over most of the grounds with an outside cafe but, Lily and I still managed to find some hidden quiet spots.

After letting Lily run loose for over 2 hours, we came home, had lunch and then she took a 3 hour nap.

That never happens!

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