My Art

Things we LOVE!

Lily and I saw this piece of art by David Zalben and well, it put a smile on our faces. Mine anyways, Lily is too serious. πŸ˜‰

“Keep smiling”. LOVE it!

And…it’s the weekend. That’s something to smile about. No?

Happy weekend everyone! πŸ™‚

A blissful friday morning

This morning started out with a surprising cup of espresso in a cup that I had purchased a while ago (picture 1) and love but hardly use. I usually have my coffee in the same mug but because our coffee maker broke this morning (not so blissful), Will surprised me with an alternative. Thank you!

I had plans to just kind of chill out at home and maybe do some laundry this morning since there was no library but, our cranky Lily (also not so blissful) had other plans in mind. (picture 2)

Since being outside always makes her feel better, I got us both ready and we headed out.

Am I ever so thankful to Lily for making us go out for a walk! Lincoln Rd looks so beautiful right now. There are flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!

We checked out some art (pictures 7 and 8. I like to call my self portrait Mona Claudia ;)), the water fountains (pictures 17 and 18) but our favorites were ALL (and I do mean ALL, look at all the pictures below) the amazing different kinds of orchids in all different colors that decorate the trees. If you are on Lincoln Rd, please look up and check them out, they are breathtaking!

It truly was a blissful friday morning.


Lily, art within art

On saturday we took avo Hayes and avo Joao to our friend Oli’s Swamp Space Art Gallery. With the exception of the avos (grandparents in Portuguese), we had all been there before and we love going and showing our support.

The exhibit was of Oli’s late brother Adolfo’s work. It was full of great colors and references from the 80’s in New York.

Lily is no stranger to art. We have some of my paintings hanging in our apartment and we have gone to art shows and art museums with her before.

Sometimes she doesn’t care for it, sometimes she is all about it. (Isn’t that the way art goes….)

After Swamp Space, we walked around to some of the other galleries in the Design District that were having the Art Walk.

One of the exhibits had a washing machine with with a laundry basket on it and a shelf above it with 3 bottles of ALL detergent. Because I could see that Lily was a bit bored and cranky (and because I like to be somewhat artsy with other people’s art), I placed Lily inside the basket on top of the running washing machine.

She loved it!! She had the biggest smile on her face, she was so happy!

Maybe Lily takes after her aunt Min and is a bit of a performance artist herself… πŸ˜‰

Here is Lily in the Design District during Art Walk this past saturday. Lily wears a dress by babyGap.


Must have of the day

Being an artist and an art lover, I can’t believe I haven’t really posted much ART.

ART is a “MUST” in any home we will live in. Lily is already a little fan of ART. She stares at every painting we have in the house.

I’m in love with Paola Zakimi’s art on Etsy. I think it is perfect for a child’s room.

These prints are a “Must” in Lily’s imaginary room. πŸ˜‰