Thursday afternoon.

Me: “Lily, would you like to paint?”

Lily: “Yeah! Woohoo! Paint!”

Me: “Alright!”

I grabbed the paints, the brushes and set up the painting station.

Lily stuck brushes in almost all 10 containers.

Then she did 1 brush stroke in white. 2 brush strokes in red. 1 brush stroke in blue. 1 brush stroke in green. 1 brush stroke in yellow and 1 brush stroke in brown.

I guess she was feeling like a minimalist that day because it was the shortest painting session. Ever.

It took longer to set and clean up.

Happy saturday everyone!

a canvas


I’m pretty much a city girl at heart. Not a big NYC girl but, a smaller city girl.

I like to be able to walk/ride out of my house and have everything at reach. Another reason I like living in cities is because I don’t drive. I haven’t since 1994. (yes, seriously)

The country girl in me however, dreams of a house in the middle of nowhere where the only things you can hear are birds and the leaves of the trees blowing in the wind.

I must admit though that it’s not necessarily the house in the country that I dream about but, the studio next to the house in the country.

A painting studio to be exact.

I dream of great studios in the likes of Frida Kahlo’s and Gustav Klimt’s where there are so many windows and great light throughout.

You see, I miss painting. I miss being creative.

I haven’t seriously painted since before I got pregnant with Lily and I miss the 10-12 hour painting days I used to have.

I don’t consider myself a great painter by any means, but I get great satisfaction from painting. I love to start with a blank canvas and by the time I’m done, there is something there to look at.

The artist/painter in me has been dead for too long. Sounds a bit dramatic huh? Ok, the artist/painter in me has been asleep for too long and I feel the need to awaken it!

I created 1 body of work last year. Out of 365 days, I painted 1 canvas. That is not enough.

Due to the lack of space and time I have tried to be creative through photography, headbands, jewelry but, thousands of pictures do not measure up to one painting.

My painting soul is starving and I must feed it!

A mommy friend of mine who lives in a studio with her husband and daughter once told me “if you have mental space, you do not need physical space”. Those words haunt me often.

I feel like I can only get mental space if I have physical space. And physical space I do not have.

So, if there is one thing I wish 2012 brings is space. Space and time to paint.

the great Frida Kahlo in her studio

the great Gustav Klimt and his studio

my easel on the balcony

Chasing giant pink snails

Art Basel is almost here!!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with Art Basel, it is the largest art fair in the world.

It started in Basel, Switzerland (therefore the name) and it’s been coming to Miami in December since 2002.

I can honestly say that Art Basel is my favorite time of the year in Miami.

The whole beach gets taken over by the best artists, art collectors, art dealers in the world.

This year, to kick off the start of Art Basel, there will be 45 huge snails slowly (at a snail’s pace) making South Beach their home from November 18 2010 until January 2010.

The pink snails are part of the global sensation known as the REgeneration Art Project, the Miami Beach snails will be the series latest and first US-based installation.

The art series is designed to inspire a community-wide conversation about the importance of recycling and its environmental impact, while leaving a potent artistic trace on the Miami Beach community.

Lily and I have been riding around town for the past 2 days chasing down these giant pink snails.

And we love them!!!

Thank you Art Basel! 🙂

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P.S.- Have a great weekend everyone!! We are going to chase some more snails. 😉

Morris Gibb Park (our park)


ARTsy wednesday

Hello everyone, it’s ARTsy wednesday!!!!

My friend Nancy Sulla’s gallery, s.h.e. gallery is opening on the 8th of this month.

It is a great new space located at 819 Main St in Boonton, NJ 07005.

It will be featuring works by such talented artists like Steve Cavallo, Judy Chicago, Anthony Mezza and even yours truly, Claudia Guerreiro.

s.h.e. gallery is an art gallery with a mission.

It donates 10% of its revenue to organizations that exemplify social justice. At this time, their support is going to:

CARE- A leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, placing a special emphasis on working alongside poor women.

Women for Women International- Supporting women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education, and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives.

Through the Flower- A non-profit Feminist art organization founded by Judy Chicago, seeking to educate a broad public about the importance of art and its power in countering the erasure of women’s achievements.

So, if all my Jersey peeps are reading this, you should all go out there and show some support! 🙂


ARTsy wednesday

Today’s artist is one of my favorite artists and you all know her.

I’m talking about Mother Nature.

I miss West Virginia and all the nature that surrounded me when we were there.

I miss the cool and dewy mornings, I miss the flowers, the butterflies, the fresh mountain air…

Here are some pictures from one of my nature walks when we were there in august.

Don’t you just love nature?

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The Sanchez playhouse

Yesterday Lily and I had a visit from aunt Min that spontaneously turned into a visit back at her house.

I love going to the Sanchez residence. It’s like Peewee’s Playhouse!

There are all sorts of fun stuff around.

Super cool furniture, mirrors, toys, art, chickens…

Aunt Min and uncle Oli made a great dinner and we all just hung out and caught up on life and Lily. 😉

It was a great day. (thanks Min, Oli and Lulu!)

This weekend we will start celebrating Will’s birthday which is on monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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Lily chasing Pelunia

Pelunia. she’s a polish chicken


ARTsy wednesday

It’s ARTsy wednesday!!!!

Did anyone even notice that it was missing for a while? (it too was on vacation)

Today I would like to introduce a new artist.


Just kidding….

We had art in the park yesterday at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden for the second time and I thought it appropriate for today’s ARTsy wednesday post. 😉

There weren’t as many moms and kids as last time and it was super hot and muggy but we still had a great time and can’t wait for the next.

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Lily setting up

the artist at work