arts and crafts


Thursday afternoon.

Me: “Lily, would you like to paint?”

Lily: “Yeah! Woohoo! Paint!”

Me: “Alright!”

I grabbed the paints, the brushes and set up the painting station.

Lily stuck brushes in almost all 10 containers.

Then she did 1 brush stroke in white. 2 brush strokes in red. 1 brush stroke in blue. 1 brush stroke in green. 1 brush stroke in yellow and 1 brush stroke in brown.

I guess she was feeling like a minimalist that day because it was the shortest painting session. Ever.

It took longer to set and clean up.

Happy saturday everyone!

a canvas

Must have of the day

I want Lily to take her time growing up. I want to enjoy her as a baby as long as I can, who knows, there might not be another baby and she might be the only one. I do however get excited when I see arts and crafts projects and can’t wait for days and hours filled with them and Lily!

This Stitch-it Owl Kit by The Little Experience on the wonderful  Grasshopper website is a perfect example of a great arts and crafts project to teach cutting on the dotted line and learn how to do the first stitches.

And they are owls. By now you know we LOVE owls! 😉

This Stitch-it Owl Kit is a “Must”!