aunt Maury

Gyro Bowl

Have any of you heard of the Gyro Bowl? (no, it’s not a Greek dish 😉 )

Aunt Maury gave Lily one and guess what?

It totally works!

I had seen an infomercial for it a while ago but, you know how those infomercials are…

I mean, it looked pretty cool but I didn’t believe that it wouldn’t spill.

Well, it is one of the best kid inventions I have seen.

Grapes, animal crackers, oranges, cheerios, whatever, nothing spills.

Lily loves it and so do I!

Thanks aunt Maury!


A safe trip

We had a great flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Huntington.

Once we landed there was lots of snow on the ground.

It’s amazing how you can travel 2.5 hours and have a total change of weather.

We spent thursday night at aunt Maury’s house in Charleston and finally arrived to avo Hayes’s and avo Joao’s yesterday afternoon.

We are all unpacked and ready for some family fun.

We are once again surrounded by snow so it looks like it will be another white Christmas. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!

ready for take off