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Madewell and Andiamo

On thursday night Kristin and I went to the Madewell store opening on Lincoln Rd.

Are you all familiar with Madewell?

It’s owned by J Crew and it’s basically a less expensive (but not cheap) line.

There was a DJ playing old classics by Wham! (hello I love you!) and Hall&Oats, there was grilled cheese, mojitos (strawberry, yum!) and frozen popsicles.

I chose to wear a Mango dress I bought back in 2009 when I was pregnant with Lily.

Although I love this dress, I hadn’t worn it in a while (probably since I had Lily) because it always makes me feel pregnant. (does that happen to any of you with the clothes you used to wear when you were pregnant?)

Kristin and I had a great time and I think the Madewell store is a great addition to Lincoln Rd.


July 4th 2011

Yesterday there was no BBQ, there was a late picnic on the beach instead.

There was pasta salad, shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, fruit salad and beer.

There were friends, games and fire works.

There wasn’t as much red but there was lots of white and blue.

It was perfect.

Hope you all had a great July 4th also.

(Photos by me, D and Will)



Some recent splurges

Uncle Darren and I were marathon shoppers yesterday.

We got to the mall at 10:30am and it was around 9pm when we left.

Neither one of us had ever had a mall day like that.

The weird thing is, the day flew while we were in there.

I purchased a few things at F21 for myself, some sale items at babyGap for Lily BUT, my best purchases were the perfect platform sandals I had been searching for forever and a Zara small bag on sale.

The sandals I got at Bloomingdale’s (thanks for suggesting it D), they are Lucky Brand and they ended up being a total of $38.00!

If you are shopping this weekend, have fun taking advantage of the sales that are going on right now!



A girl date

Wednesday night I had a dinner and movie date with auntie K.

I left Will and Lily playing in the pool and auntie K and I headed over to Books&Books for dinner and then to the movies to see The Tree of Life.

The food at Books&Books was great as always (love that place) but the movie???

I feel like I didn’t get what I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love artsy flicks more than your average person but, I feel like The Tree of Life was trying too hard. (as well as having too much science/discovery channel scenes)

I also feel like every movie I have watched lately has no ending and I’m tired of “make up your own ending” kind of movies.

Have any of you seen The Tree of Life?

What did you think?

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No slave to fashion

Last friday I joined auntie K and some of her co-workers for happy hour at Doraku.

I decided to wear one of my favorite Zara pants.

I purchased them in 2009 when I was pregnant with Lily, wore them throughout my pregnancy and I still wear them all the time.

I read in either Elle or Bazaar that harem pants should be “stored away”.

You know what though?

I can’t store them away.

I love my harem military pants and no matter what fashion says, I will continue on wearing them.

Do you have items like that?

Items that you love so much that even though fashion says “store away” you can’t?



Do you guys know what whiteflies are?

If you don’t, you are lucky.

If you do, you most likely live in Miami and how much do you hate them!?

Seriously, they are out of control this year.

I really think they have mutated.

Yesterday afternoon, Will, Lily and I met uncle Darren and auntie K at Zeke’s (one of our favorite beer places) and we had to leave after 2 beers. (we headed over to Polar Bar, $3.99 a beer, we are there!)

We were literally being showered by whiteflies.

Not only were they falling on us like rain but, their mucus was too.


I really think that every year it gets worst.

They are taking over Miami…

On a lighter note, happy monday!

How was your weekend?




Meet Indigo, our Beta fish.

Wednesday afternoon, Lily and I took a walk to the local pet store and got our first pet. (yes, mine too, I have never had a pet)

I have been wanting a fish for years and I figured since Lily is a big fan of water and everything water related, a fish was a good way to go. (also, easy to take care of and clean up)

Isn’t he handsome?

I hope he will be very happy and live a long fish life in Lily’s room.

*Note to uncle Darren and auntie K: Will you please fish sit when we go on vacation?



Mommy Style Update

Last friday was such a long, crazy but fun day for me.

I spent the day at the Fairchild Botanical Graden with Lily, Darren, Zura and Lien.

Came home at around 6pm, quickly took a shower, got dressed and was out the door at 7pm to meet up with Kristin and Nilsa for a fun girl’s night out.

We had drinks and then headed over to the New World Center for a great orchestra with a DJ performance.

It was a great show and the new Frank Gehry space is unbelievable!