avo Joao

Lily’s 2nd birthday

Yesterday when Lily woke up, Will and I walked in her room together and sang Happy Birthday to her.

Not fully awake yet, she didn’t really know what to make of this birthday stuff we had been talking to her about for days.

Next came the cupcake with a candle, another Happy Birthday was sang and then some presents were opened.

She was so overwhelmed by all the spotlight on her that she decided to share her birthday with Elmo and therefore Elmo turned 2 yesterday as well.

When asked what she wanted to do in the morning, she chose a bike ride to Southpoint park.

She went on the swings, the slide, ran around (with Elmo of course)…

At lunch time I decided to share a birthday tradition of mine and treat her to some french toast, potatoes, eggs and orange juice at Front Porch Cafe.

Once home, we watched Pino-Q!, played in her room and the late afternoon was spent running around on Lincoln Rd in the nice breezy and cool air we have been having.

Lily had calls from WV and Portugal where birthdays were sang to her all throughout the day.

I think she had a great day and she was a very happy 2 year old.

I would also like to thank all of you who left comments on here and of course all of our friends on Facebook for all the wonderful birthday wishes for Lily. Thank you all so much!

so this is what this birthday stuff is all about?

took a little encouragement but she blew her candle like a pro


The fishermen’s grand-daughter

It shows that both of Lily’s avos are fishermen at heart because as you can see from the pictures below, she loves fish.

Hopefully her love for fish will continue and she won’t get too weirded out about what happens to the fish afterward so she can go fishing with both avos when she gets bigger.

Sorry to not have a mamas & their babies ready for you this week. We are only here in Miami for a week before we head to Portugal on monday and well, things are a bit hectic.

I also want to ask you to please head over to Happy Chaos and take time to sign the petition to bring Sumyra and Rayhana home.



My dearest Lily,

Yesterday was an emotionally hard day. For everyone, including you.

Your sadness did not go unnoticed.

After I packed up the house toys in the duffel bag that they came in, you quietly went back to them, unzipped the bag and by yourself played with the toys one last time as if to say good bye to every each one.

When I went to change your diaper, quiet tears came running down your face and you wanted to be held. As I tried hard to fight back my own tears (unsuccessfully might I add), I tried to comfort your sadness.

It is not easy to have to leave family behind. Especially after having been together for a while like we just were.

I know that you will terribly miss your Hayes (avo Hayes), your avo (avo Joao), your Sasa (tia Sarah), your daddy (tio Jud) and your dear Adaide (cousin Adelaide).

But know this my dearest Lily, not only will we soon be with family in Portugal but, we will soon be home and D, K and all of our other friends will soon help to fill in that void.

I love you my dear sensitive child,


all together. september 2011

An amazing sunset and a full moonrise

Well, the time has come for us to leave this magical place in West Virginia.

Early tomorrow morning we are headed for the beach in the outer banks to have one more week all together.

From the first time I visited West Virginia back in 2007 I felt at home. It was like I had grown up here.

Not only did Will’s family welcome me with open arms but so did their friends, the mountains, the trees and this fresh mountain air.

There are good people here. Good, good people. And the love in this family is like no other love I have felt before.

It won’t be long until we are all together here again. After all, Christmas is right around the corner.

I leave you with this last WV post with an amazing sunset and full moonrise from a magical and secret place.

Have a great weekend everyone!

All photos by Sarah, Will and I.


In the company of good men

I am not the sporty type. Actually, I’m the total opposite of sporty, I don’t even own 1 pair of sweat pants.

All through school, I did sports only because it was part of the curriculum. The only volunteered sport I did was cross country and that’s because I somewhat enjoyed running.

I don’t even really enjoy watching sports.

Last week, I was volunteered by my father in law John to join his golfing team at a golf tournament.

You can just imagine the look of fear on my face.

“WHAT!?” I said.

“It’s all in good fun and it’s a charity event.” he said.

“Okay….” I said.

Golfing… my idea of tee time is lemon with honey and a blueberry scone on the side please.

Putting my fear aside, I looked at the great opportunity given to me.

A chance to golf for the first time on a beautiful golf course surrounded by trees and mountains every where you look, a chance to be Lily-free almost the whole day and a chance to be in the company of good men like my husband, my father in law and our friend Joe.

Even though I’m not ready to take up golf as a sport or anything, I will gladly go again and I had a great day!

practicing my putting. turns out i’m actually an ok putter 😉

Joe getting the bloody maries ready



It was quite quiet around here yesterday.

Cousin Adelaide went back to Morgantown and everyone else was at work during the day.

Lily and I spent the day together doing the normal things we do daily.

It’s wonderful being here in this house on the mountain, there is no noise except for the sound of the leaves being blown by the wind, birds, crickets…

It’s a wonderful change from the garbage trucks, car alarms, sirens and so on that we get in Miami.



Wonder full

Yesterday the girls had many of firsts.

From swimming in the river (Adelaide’s first time), to roasting their own hotdogs and s’mores on an outside fire, these two little girls just kept on going all day long.

I seriously don’t know what’s better sometimes, to do something for the first time or to watch someone do something for the first time.

All of us adults had such joy watching Lily and Adelaide’s little faces as they experienced things for their first time.

By the time their little heads hit their pillows (at regular bed time), they had had a wonder full day. 🙂

a morning walk


The chalky side

We love the easel that avo Hayes and avo Joao gave Lily for her birthday.

It has two sides.

A white drawing and painting side and a black chalk side.

Since Lily seems to love chalk lately (we spend every afternoon drawing on the balcony with chalk), I flipped the easel around and she couldn’t be happier.

I even found a small chalk box inside my crafts drawer.