Sunshine award

i was given the sunshine award by the sweet Citlalli from ColorLand

when receiving the award, you are asked to answer some sunshine questions and then pass the award to five people who deserve some ray of sunshine also


favorite color- i like them all and go through stages. right now i’m a big fan of yellow

favorite animal- horses and zebras. i love how graceful they are

favorite non-alcoholic drink- (what!? lol) good old water

facebook or twitter- facebook

favorite number- 8

passion- my family, my friends, painting, photography, food, life

getting or giving presents- giving when i know it’s the perfect one

favorite pattern- stripes, flowers

favorite flower- lilies, orchids

i would like to now pass this sunshine award to five blogging ladies who always provide me with some ray of sunshine when i visit them and i hope i do the same

Yoly from made for lilybelle

Ellen from black& white and loved all over

Mallory from seedling

Morgan from mama loves papa

Erica from expatria baby

A blog with substance

Lori from Bringing up Brooke just gave us another award.

Thanks Lori!

-Why did you start blogging?

The blog was actually Will’s (my husband) idea. He thought it would be a good way for me to share my experiences as a new mom with other moms and also be able to connect with moms feeling the same ups and downs like I was feeling. I’m so glad I listened to him! It really has helped me realize that everything I have gone through with motherhood so far is normal, I have found great comfort and support through a lot of mom bloggers.

What are your blogging rules?

My only blogging rule is to be honest and be myself. To say it as I feel it and mean it. I would hate for a new mom to come see my blog and only see “the sun is always shining” posts. Just like with everything else in life, there are good times, and there are bad times. They are all here.

Now I pass this award to:

Jess because she rocks so what

Ameya because she wonders and wanders

Natasha because she coco y lala