Baby Bjorn

Through coral

When I took Lily to the beach the other afternoon and took her picture looking through a coral branch, I quickly flashed back to when she was a baby and I took the same picture.

I used to take her to the beach on the Baby Bjorn.

Now she rides in the Ibert on the bike with me.

How fast time flies…

Lily, 5 months old. april 08 2010

Lily, 25 months old. december 07 2011

Potty training, take 1

Have any of you started thinking about or started potty training your toddlers?

Will and I have started thinking and talking about it.

Lily is showing signs that she is almost ready.

She now says “poop” and let’s us know when she does.

She watches me when I go to the bathroom and is aware of what happens on the toilet.

Yesterday while she had no diaper on in the house, she pooped on the kitchen floor.

I pointed to it and told her that poop doesn’t go on the floor, I took her hand, guided her to the bathroom, sat her on the toilet (I held her up) and told her that “poop goes in the toilet”.

While she sat there, I told her that if she needs to go poop or chi-chi (pee-pee in Portuguese) she needs to let me know and I will sit her on the toilet.

She shook her head yes. (yeah right, I should be so lucky)

Anyway, both Will and I have decided that we will not get a potty chair.

We both find them gross and later on we would just have to teach Lily to go on the toilet anyway so might as well start there with one of these.

Have any of you used the babybjorn toilet trainer?

We are thinking about doing it in august when we go to West Virginia because we will be mostly around in the yard by the house all day, every day.

We are also planning on just putting Lily in regular underwear and not pull-ups so that way she can actually feel wet.

I read about the 3 day training program in Parenting magazine and, I don’t know, it seems a little harsh.

Did any of you use that approach?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, so go ahead and send us some poop goes in the potty love. 😉


A late afternoon visit to the ocean

Last year, in the beginning of the year, Lily and I would go for late afternoon walks to the beach almost daily.

She was so little.

She would just sit in the baby bjorn while on my lap and we would stare at the ocean.

Then, as she started getting bigger, we started going to the park instead so she could play with other babies.

Well, moving to Raleigh, NC is becoming a reality for us this year and Raleigh has no ocean. 🙁 (I’m trying really hard to not get so sad about this since I have always loved living near an ocean)

It’s time to start visiting the ocean as much as we can while we have it. 😉

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!! (Didn’t this week fly by!?)


Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful family weekend so far.

Great day at the beach yesterday even though it was more crowded than usual due to the holiday and Spring break.

We put Lily in her Kushies swim diaper and she was in the water more than before. She looked so cute and loved sitting along the shore watching the waves roll in.

There were Portuguese men o’ war (jelly fish) everywhere so we had to be careful because they were washing up right by where Lily was sitting.

We must have tired Lily like never before because she slept for 12 hours straight from 7p.m. until 7a.m. this morning.

Today we are having a lazy Easter sunday.

We woke up late, Lily went for a short bike ride with daddy Will on the Bjorn and we had a wonderful brunch on the balcony.

Lily is now taking her first nap of the day and when she wakes, we will be going to the park.


Here we are on the beach yesterday in our beach Easter bonnets. 😉 (Lily wears a romper by Old Navy and hat by Zutano). Lily sitting waterside wearing her Kushies and Zutano hat. A Portuguese man o’war. And a happy sunshine Lily! And today bike riding with daddy Will wearing her Old Navy pajamas and sitting pretty on the couch wearing her Easter dress by OldNavy.

Shopping. Oh, it’s quite the experience!

It was so beautiful out today that I decided to grab Lily and the stroller and head down to Zara to check out their Spring collection.

Zara is about a good 30 minutes away by foot, fast foot that is. Lily fell asleep half way through which was good because sometimes she can get a little fussy in the stroller. She seems to prefer the Baby Bjorn these days but she’s getting too heavy and the destination was too far today.

After scanning Zara and having grabbed a few items to take in the fitting room, I thought “Where are ALL the Spring colors? Where is the yellow, pink, orange, green?”. Everything in there was so muted which is fine but my mood has been muted, I wanted/needed a pick-me-up.

Once in the fitting room with a now awake Lily, I noticed that she was not only awake but she also had a dirty diaper.

Thankfully, we were in a BIG fitting room that had a big bench where I changed Lily. It stunk up the whole place but there was nobody else back there. lol

Ok, with her diaper changed, I placed her back in the stroller and started to try on some clothing.

Nothing was looking right. The shirts were too tight because my breasts are HUGE and proceed to get bigger every week, the pants…my butt isn’t ready for those yet, the cardigans didn’t do anything. Ugh!

So there I was in the fitting room not feeling so great when Lily started to get fussy. She was hungry. I thought to myself: “Now I’m going to have to breast feed her in here too.”

I handed the unwanted items (all of them with the exception of a dress) to the sales clerk and asked him if he minded that I stay a bit longer because I had to breast feed. He was so nice, he didn’t mind.

I ended up purchasing the dress. It’s an over the head dress so I probably won’t even be able to wear it for a while because I can’t breast feed in it but, oh well.

Conclusion: shopping for me with Lily by myself is not so much fun. Not yet anyway.

A little bit of lipstick goes a long way…

After my haircut on tuesday put an extra skip on my walk, I decided to go get some new lipstick as well.

I put Lily in the Baby Bjorn and we walked over to Macy’s.

It had been a while since I wore lipstick. Had been wearing glosses for a while but since Lily had been born, I hadn’t used anything other than lip balm. I mean, how could I constantly kiss Lily with stuff on my lips?

We ended up at the Benefit counter which had pretty colors but not too many so it wasn’t too overwhelming. I tried a few while Lily was busy looking in the mirror (she smiles at herself).

I settled on Dessert First (yummy, dessert!).

With Dessert First on my lips, Lily and I left Macy’s and now, I had yet another extra skip on my walk. I felt good! It’s amazing what lipstick can do.

I’m feeling pretty good these last couple of days. New haircut, new lipstick, it’s feeling like ME again.

So I’m not able to kiss Lily as much while we are out but, her cheeks probably need a break anyway.

Oh! by the way, inside the lipstick package there was a little note. This is what it said:

(Maybe it will increase the libido also…. ;))

Things we LOVE!

The Baby Bjorn was a great invention as far as I’m concerned. We go just about everywhere with ours.

We tried some of the other options that are out there like the slings however, either Lily wasn’t comfortable or I felt like she was going to fall out.

So we thought we would give the Baby Bjorn a try (we purchased ours from BabiesRus). It’s very comfortable to wear for both me and Will and Lily LOVES it!

She can face the world and be the curious little baby that she is or she can take a quick nap which she often does. 😉

Here are some great Baby Bjorn moments. In order Lily wears a long sleeve dress by Zutano and cap by Old Navy, sweater that was a gift from the Alaby girls, pants and socks by babyGap and cap by Old Navy, pink cardigan by babyGap and cap by Old Navy.