baby Elsie

bye baby Elsie!

baby Elsie and her parents moved away today

i will see her a couple more times but other than that, my job taking care of her is done

they were three good months that gave me a great opportunity to see if i could handle two kids (the answer is yes) and for Lily to see what it would be like to have a sibling (she had a few moments but for the most part she was great and really enjoyed having Elsie around)

it was also really nice to have a part-time job that allowed me to still be with Lily, not miss out on any family time and feel self worth

i will miss that little chubster…

Baby Elsie

meet baby Elsie, Lily’s new baby sister. just kidding (obviously). i have been watching a neighbor’s baby a few times a week in the afternoons. i help her out. i get to see if i can handle two. Lily gets used to sharing me with a baby. i get to have a few extra dollars in my wallet. it’s a win-win-win-win situation.