Lily’s first airplane ride

Our plane ride from Miami to Portugal was… LONG!

8.5 hours from Miami to Madrid.

What was supposed to be a 4 hour lay over in Madrid turned into 5 hours.

1 hour from Madrid to Lisboa.

14 hours! Ugh.

Lily was really good though.

She had a hard time falling asleep and tossed and turned while she was sleeping but did sleep through more than half the long flight.

The lay over in Madrid was a little tough.

I was carrying Lily (big mistake, next time I will bring a stroller) and after the long flight and having to go through the entire airport to get to customs and then to our connecting gate, my arm was killing me!!

Once we got to chill at our gate, we caught a beautiful sunrise and Lily was so happy to be able to just stretch out and walk around.

She was so exhausted that she fell asleep before we even got onto our connecting flight.

She wouldn’t even wake up to get off the plane.

I had her “indie” outfit in my carry-on bag but because we were both so exhausted, I never changed her.

Either way, both avo Carmo and avo Ricardo were there waiting for us as well as Lily’s biggest fan, prima Ana and Nuno.

It was a happy welcome committee. 🙂

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this was my seat when I got on the plane. don’t worry, they brought me a cushion 😉


My mother is a lady

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my mother.

Actually, I have been thinking a lot about the way I used to look at my mother when I was little.

The way Lily looks at me while I’m getting dressed has reminded me of the way I used to watch my mother get dressed.

I used to love watching her. (and still do actually)

My mother was (and still is) a lady.

To me, she embodied the essence of everything I thought a lady should be.

The way she carefully chose her lingerie, the panties always matching the bra.

Skirts and dresses always favored to pants. (never jeans when I was little)

Her shoes and purse matching most of the time.

The way she applied her make-up. A dark green line on her top eye lid carefully drawn with liquid eye liner, a bit of blush and lipstick.

The finishing touches was my favorite part.

Perfume and jewelry. My mother to this day still has an amazing collection of both.

Depending on her mood she would choose a perfume from the many beautiful bottles she had on her vanity and carefully dab it behind her ears and on her wrists.

The same was done with the jewelry, she would take her time choosing her earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

As a young child, I learned about the art of dressing from my mother.

Although my style is much different from my mother’s, I wear jeans often, my lingerie never matches, I hardly ever wear perfume, my shoes never match my purse, the art of dressing is something that I do practice on a daily basis.

So as Lily watches me get dressed and as we step out the door, I hope she looks at me the way I used to (and still do) look at my mother and thinks to herself “my mother is a lady”.

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me getting ready

our check out point. the full length mirror in our lobby

Our very first GIVEAWAY!! :)

When I was contacted by Jasmine from Dakota’s Personalized Gifts about doing a product review and the chance to do our very first giveaway, I couldn’t reply “YES!” fast enough.

I quickly visited the site and tried to find an item I would like to review.

Being a photo addict, the category “Photo Gifts” caught my eye and I instantaneously knew that the Picture Perfect Personalized Tote Bag was the item I would like to review.

I emailed the picture, the caption and my choice of color for the font to Jasmine and 4 days later, my very own “Lily” Picture Perfect Personalized Tote Bag arrived in the mail.

I LOVE it! (thank you Jasmine!!)

The Picture Perfect Personalized Tote Bag is 100% cotton canvas, it’s 16″ h x 14″ w and it’s machine washable! It’s the perfect bag to take to the beach, grocery shopping and even though it doesn’t have any compartments inside, you can use it as a diaper bag.

how cute is my bag?

I actually had mine made for my mom. I love the idea of her carrying it around in Portugal so she can always have Lily with her.

You know you want one!

And now you can have a chance at winning one.

Here comes the GIVEAWAY part…

Dakota’s Personalized Gifts started 5 years ago as more of a hobby than a business. They started with the Anniversary Rose making roses for the Traditional Anniversary Gift.

It quickly grew from a hobby to a full time business. And with many customer requests later, they expanded into Personalized Anniversary Gifts.

They have many great items. Frames, photo albums, personalized baby apparel, unique baby keepsakes, gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for the home, gifts for everyone!

Including YOU!

Dakota’s Personalized Gifts is giving you a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate with free U.S. shipping through Lil Muse Lily.

Here are the RULES (they are simple):

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So, leave a comment and tell me who you would give the personalized gift to. Or maybe you would keep it for yourself. 😉

A winner will be randomly chosen next monday.

Spread the word and good luck!

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Summer fashion week- day 5

Well, fashion week is over 🙁 . It was sooooooo much fun!

Not only was it a great opportunity to dress up but to also meet some new ladies who I would not have had the chance to meet through this blogging world.

So, I saved the best for last.

This is one of my favorite dresses.

I love the color combination, I love the fit, I love the fact that it has pockets (I love dresses with pockets) and I love the way it can easily be dressed up (in this case) or dressed down.

These were taken in our building’s courtyard. Everything is so green right now. I think it made the perfect background.

headband (it’s actually the belt for the dress, Missoni), earrings (vintage* Anthropologie)

dress (vintage* Missoni), clutch (vintage* GAP)

shoes (vintage* Marni, a gift from my friend Connie)

*You know what I mean when I say “vintage”. I mean I’ve owned for years. 😉

Summer fashion week- day 4

Today we had to go to Target to get some diapers and house cleaning products.

At first I thought about what cute outfit I would wear to share with you on our trip there but then…. I thought about how much more fun and challenging it would be (mostly for me) if I actually went to Target and put together a whole entire outfit with their own items.

So, that’s what I did!

While Will and Lily were busy shopping and checking off items on our list, I was busy putting together this Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw channeled me) inspired outfit.

EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) but my undergarments are from Target. (and no, Target did not pay me for this. ;))

I didn’t exactly calculate the whole entire cost of all the items together but I think they totaled around $100.00. (+ or -)

YAY Target!!

hat and both necklaces (Target)


A Hole evening with the girls

I had so much fun going to see Hole with my girls!

It was pouring while I was getting ready which made the decision of “what to wear?” a little hard but, I chose to go with one of my favorite looks, a dress with boots.

I always like the contrast of a dress (soft) and boots (hard). (I often wonder why I live in Miami since it’s hot most of the year and I don’t get to wear my boots often enough.)

As far as accessories, I borrowed Will’s bag (his murse :)) and what else does a mommy and wife need other than her engagement/wedding ring? (I usually wear earrings but since I knew there was going to be some head banging, I decided to skip them.)

The getting ready:

the dress, vintage H&M

the boots, French Connection. The bag, I scream seams