Let it grow

Lily’s hair is getting so long!

It’s not so bad in the back but if I don’t pull her hair back in the front, it will be in her eyes constantly.

My mom already suggested for me to cut it.

She’s old school Portuguese and believes that:

1- cutting hair makes it grow thicker and stronger

2- hair shouldn’t be in your eyes. ever!

She used to always cut my hair when I was little. (sometimes boy short)

I don’t want to cut Lily’s hair though.

I want to see what it does naturally and I long for the day that I can braid it.

Here is Lily on the balcony with some loose locks.



Lily’s spa afternoons

Summer is here.

I’m not going to complain (even though i am…) about how hot it is because the truth is that it is hotter in other places however, it is hot enough for me.

I have not taken Lily to the park in the afternoon in months.

Ever since she got her room, she is perfectly happy playing there or we go to the balcony where she has “spa time”.

It’s an hour of cheap (and cool) entertainment.



One funny hour

Do you ever have those moments with your child when you look at them and you can’t believe he/she is yours because he/she is being better than you could have ever imagined?

I had a full hour of that with Lily yesterday while she played in her tub on the balcony.

Not that being with her is not always like that but, I don’t know… yesterday her personality was in FULL force!

Now if only people believed me when I tell them that she is a total goofball at home instead of the serious person she portrays to be when out.

Check her out. (Warning: there are a lot of pictures)


Mission accomplished

Don’t you just love it when everything you set out to do, gets done?

This weekend was super productive for me.

I got to vacuum and dust the house, clean out Lily’s closet, my closet, re-pot my plants and go to storage.

Going to storage to drop off Lily’s outgrown clothes and get her old 3-6mths clothes for our friend baby Zara in West Virginia was one of the most important things and it finally got done.

I’m so happy that everything on my list got done, it feels good starting off a new week this way.

Happy monday! 🙂