Some new things

A couple of weeks ago Will and I cleaned out Lily’s toy basket.

It’s not a big toy basket however, there were toys in there that Lily no longer played with and we wanted to make room for some new items. (I was tempted to give all of her old toys away but we put them in storage instead.)

Not only did she receive some new things for her birthday and Christmas but, I’ve also purchased some goodies on super duper sale. 🙂

Here are some of her new things.

lincoln rd vintage market finds



Every time singing and story time ends at the library, there is play time.

Play time is a small red basket filled with toys that all the little ones trample on each other to get to.

I cringe every time. (I’m sure I’m not the only mom)

It’s like handing them a basket of germs.

All these babies do, Lily included, is put these toys in their mouths.

I mean, how many mouths have been on each toy?

Who knows, but I cringe just thinking about it.


Giveaway winner!!

I would like to thank Jasmine at Dakota’s Personalized Gifts for giving us a chance to do our very first giveaway.

It was so much fun giving you all a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to such a great site with so many wonderful items.

Thank you all as well for joining in!

In order to find a winner, we:

wrote the names on ribbons

wrapped the ribbons on flowers and put them in a basket