A record nap

If you have been coming here for a while and keeping up with Lily, you know she has never been much of a napper and dropped her nap a long time ago.

The past 2 days she wasn’t feeling that great again.

She must have caught a light stomach bug because she vomited everything she put down.

Yesterday when I put her on my bed with a soft blanket to watch Pinocchio she fell asleep within 10 minutes.

That was at 1pm. She finally woke up at 5pm.

She took a 4 hour nap. 4 hours!!!

I kept checking on her every 15 minutes in disbelief of the fact that she was still sleeping.

Never in her life has she napped for that long. Never until yesterday.

From crib to big girl bed

Potty training has been in both mine and Will’s minds. We have had some successful potty moments with Lily and have been talking a lot about it on our own and with her.

In order to bring in the ultimate “big girl” moment (going to the potty and letting go of diapers), we decided on sunday to change her crib into a “big girl” bed. (ok, seriously, how did this happen since i feel like just the other day she was 2 months old and going from the bassinet to the crib)

Sunday night Lily crawled into bed all by herself (excited) and went to sleep like usual.

At 6:30am monday morning, Will and I were woken up by Lily’s cry because she fell out of the bed. Ooops. (lol)

At 3:30am tuesday morning, she walked into our room saying “mommy” and scared Will to death because he forgot she could now get out of bed by herself. (lol)

At 7am (usual wake up time) wednesday morning, Lily walked into our room with Pooh, Eyore and Abby in tow and said “play-doh!”. She was up and ready to play.

Lily loves the fact that she can now get into and out of bed whenever she wants. We love the fact that at least either Will or I can now snuggle in her bed with her while reading a book.

Hope potty training goes just as smoothly but I doubt it. (i’m really dreading it btw)

Here’s a picture of her new “big girl” bed.

Happy napper

Lily has been taking some nice naps lately. (watch me jinx myself right now…)

Even though she has her own room, I still let her nap on our bed.

I usually lie down with her, she talks and talks (babbles and babbles) while I pretend to be asleep until she finally starts fading and falls asleep.

I think it helps to really be active with her in the mornings and I also think she is starting to appreciate the art of napping.

She no longer wakes up after 1 hour still cranky and crying trying to fight off left over tiredness.

She sleeps 2-3 hours a day now.

I’m enjoying it while I can, I’m aware it doesn’t last forever. (it always changes. go back and look at THIS.)



Is anyone else’s toddler fighting their nap?

I don’t understand, Lily has been waking up earlier in the morning (still going to bed at 8pm like always) and not wanting to sleep the 1 hour she usually does during the day.

Is this it?

She’s only 15 months but is this the end to THE nap?

She was never much of a sleeper but, I miss my sleeping baby…

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