Memories through a duvet cover

Yesterday I changed the duvet cover on our bed. (I have 4 that I usually switch around throughout the year)

Once I switched it, I immediately had flashbacks of when Lily was born and of when we brought her home.

That duvet cover was on the bed then and it was the last time until now. (I love the fact that a simple duvet cover can bring back such wonderful memories)

I quickly went looking for the pictures I took of a 3 day old Lily in newborn diapers on this duvet cover.

This morning, I took some of her now at 8.5 months old.

What a difference. But yet, she is still the same little person we brought home.

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November 10 2009. a 3 day old pink Lily



Being a huge fan of Anthropologie (mostly for their beautiful bedding, books and house wear), I am happy to share with you their new site the ANTHROPOLOGIST.

The ANTHROPOLOGIST is an online space for inspiring works and inspiring individuals.

At this moment they are featuring 3 photographers/film makers.

Donna DeMari, David Eustace and Andrew Zuckerman.

I was completely moved by Zuckerman‘s documentary, TRUST.

I really enjoyed Elders (Wisdom), the Ladd Brothers, Chiara Clemente (Our City Dreams), and architect (Levenbetts).

Take a look and enjoy! πŸ™‚

Things we LOVE!

Since today’s theme seems to be about sleep, I would like to mention how much we LOVE our Babyletto Modo crib.

Both Will and I searched for hours on the internet what kind of crib we wanted. We knew that we both wanted very clean, contemporary lines and preferably something eco-friendly. Well, 2 out of 3 is  not bad. All the eco-friendly cribs we found were outrageously expensive and out of budget.

Then, we ran into the Babyletto Modo crib. It gave us the look and feel we wanted for way less money. It can also grow with Lily since it’s a 3 in 1 convertible crib.

Lily seems to love it, she has no problem going to sleep in it. πŸ˜‰

So thank you avo Carmo for getting it for us!

Here she is below in her Babyletto Modo crib. Her jumper is babyGap and the bedding is Skip Hop (we will discuss bedding on a different day. That’s a whole different post. ;))