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It’s our last week here in West Virginia, we will all be leaving early saturday morning for a week at the beach in the outer banks all together.

We have had a wonderful time here. We always do.

We got to have the very end of summer and the very beginning of fall.

I’m sorry to not have a mama&their babies segment ready for you this wednesday.

Even though I hung out with a mama&her babies, I was having so much fun that blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Instead, here are some pictures of the fun that has been had.

going for walks and picking “tiny apples” from the apple tree

smelling the flowers

smiling for the camera


Friday family happy hour

Friday late afternoon when Will got home from work, we both had the same thought in mind: family happy hour.

So, the 3 of us quickly changed and headed out the door.

Before the rain came, we got to walk around Lincoln Rd a bit and have a drink.

I had an Orange Blossom Pilsner which I had never tried before but loved!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 🙂

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sunglasses. on me: Marc by Marc Jacobs. on Will: Jackthreads. on Lily: Gymboree


July 4th 2011

Yesterday there was no BBQ, there was a late picnic on the beach instead.

There was pasta salad, shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, fruit salad and beer.

There were friends, games and fire works.

There wasn’t as much red but there was lots of white and blue.

It was perfect.

Hope you all had a great July 4th also.

(Photos by me, D and Will)




Do you guys know what whiteflies are?

If you don’t, you are lucky.

If you do, you most likely live in Miami and how much do you hate them!?

Seriously, they are out of control this year.

I really think they have mutated.

Yesterday afternoon, Will, Lily and I met uncle Darren and auntie K at Zeke’s (one of our favorite beer places) and we had to leave after 2 beers. (we headed over to Polar Bar, $3.99 a beer, we are there!)

We were literally being showered by whiteflies.

Not only were they falling on us like rain but, their mucus was too.


I really think that every year it gets worst.

They are taking over Miami…

On a lighter note, happy monday!

How was your weekend?



Mother’s day

Oh, where can I start?

I had such a great mother’s day yesterday.

We started with a brunch at home at 11am which consisted of bloody maries, pancakes, sausage, bagels and fritatta.

We all hung out on the balcony while Lily took her afternoon nap (2 hours) and then headed over to Jimbo’s.

Yup, I chose to go to Jimbo’s for mother’s day.

I don’t need a fancy place, I would much rather hang out somewhere where 4 beers and a big chunk of smoked tuna costs $16.00.

I had not been to Jimbo’s since the late 90’s and well, nothing much has changed other than the fact that there were a couple more trailers, house boats and people hanging out.

We drank beer, ate smoked fish, played bocci ball and took turns taking pictures.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Hope all you mamas had a great mother’s day also.


Fall fashion. Day 7

Last day of Fall Fashion. Booooooooo 🙁

It is a windy sunday here in Beja, Portugal.

It will be a chill day. Will is here (YAY!) so we are just hanging out and spending time together.

I had SO much fun this week!

It was really wonderful visiting new as well as some old blogs and getting to know you lovely ladies through your personal style.

Since we are in Portugal and there really is no Halloween here, we are not dressing up.

However, with my Portuguese Sagres beer I CHEER all of you.


I’m wearing: Headband by CVS, Earrings are vintage (you’ve seen them this week already), Scarf by Scoop NYC, Grandpa cardigan sweater by GAP, T-Shirt by Gap, Tank underneath by Gap, Jeggings by Gap (since when did I become a GAP mom? not that there is anything wrong with the Gap, obviously, but still!!!), and moccasin/shoes by Boutique 9.

Oh! And Lily went to the cafe with Will so there are no pictures of her but she looks cute! 😉

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