Yesterday when we were headed out for our bike ride, I tried putting Lily’s sunglasses on her again.

Both Will and I have tried many times before but, she always takes them off before we even get downstairs!

Well, yesterday she kept them on!!

Maybe it was the fact that I was wearing mine, maybe she finally can deal with them on, maybe it was the mood she was in…

I don’t know but, she looked totally stylin’! 😉


A bike ride with birds and street food

It was such a beautiful afternoon out yesterday that Will and I decided to go on a family bike ride to the beach.

While riding, we saw all these seagulls going crazy over a bag of fritos that two guys were crinkling.

Of course we had to stop and let Lily out because she is crazy for birds.

It was awesome!

There were so many and they were flying so low.

Ocean Drive was having their Deco Walk Fair so we walked around and got some yummy street food for dinner.

It was a fun and spontaneous friday night!

Today Will has taken Lily out for the day and I’m going to attempt to paint. (I’m saying attempt because I’m scared that I won’t know how to paint since it has been 2 years)

Happy saturday everyone!!


Drizzly and noisy thursday

It was a cold, gray and drizzly day yesterday.

We stayed home most of the day and it was hard because of the constant noise that went on from 9am until 5pm.

I did laundry, cleaned the house, baked some apples (Lily’s new favorite), played with Lily.

Later in the afternoon, Lily and I did manage to go on a bike ride all the way down to Urban Outfitters with the hope to find some goodies for Christmas presents. (big disappointment)

Tomorrow we have 2 birthdays to celebrate!

It’s Lily’s bff Sofia’s 1st birthday and we cannot wait to celebrate such a big day with her.

It is also my friend Chloe’s birthday and we are going to have a girl potluck/movie night.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

the constant, constant noise…

except for the ball that goes on top, Lily can finally put this together (not in order yet though)


Library wednesday

Yesterday was our first day back to the library after not having gone for a month and oh boy was Lily happy to be there!!

We arrived a bit early (fast bike ride) so she got to chill and look at some books by herself for a little while.

Once class started and everyone circled around the rug, she had the face of “oh, I remember this…”

Our friend Zura was also there with Lien and it was great seeing the both of them after not having seen them for such a long time.

Lien has also grown so much!

We missed the library…

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so happy to be surrounded by books



For those of you who have been coming here for a while, you are probably aware that both Will and I have a love/hate relationship with Miami and think about moving often.

For those of you who are new coming here and didn’t know, Will and I have a love/hate relationship with Miami and think about moving often.

Will was born and raised in West Virginia and misses mountains and seasons.

I was raised in Portugal and New Jersey and miss hills and seasons.

We need a bigger place (still living in a 1 bedroom apartment) and what we really want is a house.

The house we REALLY want is in Raleigh, NC and we have both been considering moving there for a while now.

It’s hard though.

We don’t really know Raleigh that well and we don’t really have any friends there.

When we think about moving, we both get sad thinking about leaving behind our great friends that we have here.

And then, there are days like yesterday.

Even though it was too hot out for me (it was perfect beach weather really), it is so easy to entertain Lily around here.

We went for a bike ride, stopped off at a park, stayed for a while, went for a walk on Lincoln road where she was busy looking at the water fountains.

It makes thinking about moving so much harder….

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bad picture of me but look how happy Lily is!


Parkin’ it

It’s been so nice in the morning.

It’s cooler out, there is a breeze, the weather has been really lovely.

Lily and I have been getting on the bike and park hopping.

We went to South Point the other morning.

Even though the playground is broken and the water fixtures are out of order, there was plenty of other stuff to do.


Flamingo park

Lily and I went on a bike ride the other day and ended up at Flamingo Park.

The last time we had been there I think Lily was around 4 months old and I didn’t really get the urge to return because I felt like it was for much bigger kids.

Well, the other morning there was hardly anyone there and Lily really enjoyed it.

There were different things for her to do and I think she was just happy to be somewhere new.

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this wonderful big tree shades almost the entire park

she loved the dinosaur


Sunday ride

After many hours of just lounging around at home and what seemed to be a pajama sunday, we finally got motivated and decided to go on a family bike ride.

Will, Lily and I rode all the way across the beach to South Point.

It was the first time we all went on a bike ride together.

Will and I used to ride our bikes all around town (up until 1 week before my due date) and now that Lily is a bit bigger, we can ride again! 🙂

The weather was so nice on sunday. Not super hot. It was breezy. It was wonderful.

We had a great time! (as you can see. did I take enough pictures? 😉 )

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she loves riding