a birthday book registry

With Lily’s birthday coming up and family and friends already asking for ideas of what to give, i decided to put together a list of books i have had my eyes on for a while.

Lily has her good share of toys and dress up clothes, i think that she is in need of some bigger kid books.

Books are always great gifts anyway. Better than toys in my eyes.

So here we go, here’s a list of books i have had on my amazon wish list for a while:

A bad case of stripes

That’s how i see things

The calico jungle

Mangoes and bananas

The sacred banana leaf

Monkey photo

The cat at night

Girl with the bird’s nest hair

Princess for a day

Clementine and Mungo

The red shoes

The night life of trees


The tiger who came to tea

The snail and the whale

All monkeys love bananas

Buddha at bedtime

The umbrella

The conductor

Brown rabbit in the city

Moon rabbit

Alex and Lulu: two of a kind

A book of sleep

This moose belongs to me

The heart and the bottle

How to catch a star

If any of you have anything positive or negative to say about any of these books, i would love to hear it.

I am simply going by the reviews.

Quiet moments

Feels like there haven’t been any quiet moments in quite sometime.

Not only because we were away from home for so long but also because Lily is older, more active and louder these days.

Reading is still one of her favorite things to do.

She likes it when we read to her but she also really likes to just look at books all by herself.

So, here is a quiet reading moment.

Have a great sunday everyone!

Lily reading in her room. late afternoon

“I’m happy again”

This time around, this trip to Portugal has been quite hard on Lily.

After more than one month away in West Virginia and NC, after 1 week at home, she was just starting to get used to Miami again.

She was not yet ready to let it all go.

The first night here, she was so exhausted that she slept 14 hours straight. (from 9pm-11am)

I thought the transition had been done successfully.

Was I wrong!

Wednesday night Lily went to bed again before 9pm, a bit later than usual. After she was asleep for 2 hours, she woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep.

She was worried and restless.

“Airplane” she kept saying and wanted to get off the bed.

It was obvious to me that she wanted to go back home.

I asked her if she wanted to talk to pai (Will) and got him online.

We video chatted for a while. She asked him to get certain books from her room and to please read them to her.

She kept saying “pai. airplane. this house. sit with me”.

I tried my hardest not to break down in tears and can’t even imagine how Will must have felt being thousands of miles away from her.

It was heartbreaking!!

While in bed with her, I tried to soothe her but she continued on being restless.

Although she wasn’t crying or trying to leave the bed, I could see her brain going fast just by looking at her eyes.

She eventually fell asleep a little after 2am. (she has never, ever done this before)

Yesterday morning when she woke up at 8am, she wanted to get dressed and again said “airplane”.

In the afternoon I took her to the park and all of the sudden I could start seeing the Lily that I know.

Once on the swing, I asked her if she was happy.

She replied “I’m happy again”.

Nothing like seeing your child happy. Nothing like feeling guilty for your child’s unhappiness.

“i’m happy again”

happy smiles 🙂


One of my biggest challenges with Lily is teaching her Portuguese.

Not because it’s hard for her but, because it’s hard for me.

After living here in the U.S for 24 years, English is actually easier for me than Portuguese. (I know, sad)

Even though Will makes an effort to speak Portuguese to Lily (he is learning along with her), I am the only one speaking it to her. (I only speak Portuguese to her)

It would be helpful if my family was around and she would have them speaking Portuguese with her or if there was a larger Portuguese community here in Miami.

With the exception of 4, all of her books are in English and Sesame Street is also in English.

So, when I find things like this, I am thankful!

Lily is learning to speak and she is doing a great job at learning both languages.

She does say more English words than Portuguese words however, she understands both languages the same and that is what I care about the most. (how awful would it be if she didn’t understand her Portuguese family?)

One of my main concerns is for Lily to be able to communicate with the people she encounters on a daily basis, the people at the library, kids at the play ground, etc.

We live in an English speaking country (even though that’s hard to believe living here in Miami) so I do think that English should be Lily’s main language.

What about you guys? Are any of you raising bi-lingual or multi-lingual children?

Do you find it just as challenging?


21 months and rockin’ her moccasins… small style

Lily turned 21 months old on sunday.

Seriously, I cannot believe she will be 2 years old in 3 months.

She is quite the busy and talkative little chick these days. (Will and I are in constant disbelief of all the words she says daily both in English and Portuguese)

Aside from all the words she knows, she is starting to put 4 and more words together in order to create sentences.

She will say things like:

“mommy. sit. book. reading” (mommy let’s read a book)

“piu piu. wings. fly” (birds fly with wings)

She has quite the Portenglish vocabulary going on. lol

She knows practically all the colors now and compares them to her favorite Sesame Street characters.

She will say:

“pink. purple. Abby”

“orange. Ernie”

“lellow. Bert”

“brown. Snuffy”

“Elmo.” (red)

“gueen. Oscas”

She continues to love books the most but also really enjoys her crayons, markers and coloring books.

We think she’s a keeper. 😉

As always linking to Morgan, the hostess of Small Style.

top- Old Navy. shorts- babyGap. sandals- Salt Water

top- Old Navy. shorts- babyGap. moccasins- Minnetonka