Hi everyone!

I wore sandals to the park yesterday. Sandals!

It’s been in the high 70’s all week and I’m not liking it. (am i complaining? maybe)

I miss my socks and boots.

We are going to try to make it to the library today. It’s been forever since we have been there.

Have a great day!

looks like i’m pregnant doesn’t it? well, i’m not. yet

Self. Dresses with boots

Jeans will always have a special place in my heart (and closet) but, I am also a dress girl.

Not skirts. Dresses. Dresses with pockets even better.

I don’t however like a super girlie dress look. I’m a dress with boots kinda girl. (even at my high school graduation i wore a short flower dress with my cowboy boots)

Hope you are all enjoying this new year so far!

left: me with my brother in 1993. right: me in 2010

Tights and boots

Hello everyone!

Last night as I was rubbing Lily’s head to sleep, I thought about how I’m so much more of a tights and boots sort of girl instead of a bikini and flip-flops sort of girl.

This is actually something I think about often.

But yet, here we are in Miami, Fl where in December it’s still 80 degrees. (i’m not exaggerating, it will be high of 81 today)

For many of you who live in colder places this may sound perfect but for me, it’s like a curse I can’t escape unless we move. (and moving we are not)

I want to wear tights and boots!!!!! Like E-VE-RY day! (ok maybe just 265 days out of the year)

West Virginia we will be there soon

Tio Ricky’s 31st

It was my brother’s 31st birthday on friday.

We were fortunate to be here this year just like last year to celebrate his special day with him.

I can’t believe he is 31. I can’t believe he is a father. I can’t believe how fast time flies.

Today is my mom’s birthday and we will be going to Evora to spend the day as a family and to say farewell to my brother, Anabela and baby Dicky. (that’s always a hard one for me)

Happy November everyone!

Lily put the candles on

happy 31st!


Out of practice

We are now on the beach in the outer banks of NC but, before we left WV, we went to our little friend Willa’s 2nd birthday party and let me tell you guys something…. it was cold!!

We were in WV for a month and the weather totally changed from late summer to early fall.

Even though fall is my favorite season, after living in Miami for 10 years, I am so out of practice of how to dress for colder weather.

I mean, I knew by the time we would be leaving WV the weather was going to be much cooler (30 at night) but, I totally packed WAY more summer clothes than I did fall clothes.

I did manage to pack a pair of knee socks and knee high boots and luckily enough I had something to go with them.

I always thought I was a pretty good packer but from now on I need to pay more attention and perhaps actually plan outfits. For me and for Lily. 😉

Linking up to Mandy for Steppin’ Out and Morgan for Small Style.

on Lily: dress- Old Navy. leggings- Old Navy. moccasins- Minnetonka

on me: knitted beret- UO. earrings- Anthropologie. cardigan- Zara. striped shirt- Zara. tank- Gap. bag- Anthropologie. skirt- Gap. knee socks- Anthropologie. boots- Boutique9

the leaves have changed


Date night

Will and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday. (can’t believe we have only been married for a year, feels like forever)

Uncle Darren came over to watch Lily (sleep) so both Will and I could go out on a proper date. (thanks uncle Darren!)

We went to Espanola Way to A La Folie, our favorite crepe place.

We had a romantic dinner, walked around, looked at some art, checked out the new Symphony New World Center.

It was a wonderful night.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lil pink snow bunny

Yesterday was the first time that Lily got to really play with snow. (last year doesn’t really count since she was only a little over 1 month old)

We dressed her up in the pink snowsuit that used to be cousin Adelaide’s that aunt Desiree sent. (thank you!!)

We put her $6 snow boots on, and she was good to go!

I think for the most part she thought the snow was OK.

She had a hard time walking in it and didn’t really care to venture out in it too much.

She did however love the sledding part.

She just leaned back and enjoyed the ride.

Here are some fun pictures of our lil snow bunny Lily. 🙂


A safe trip

We had a great flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Huntington.

Once we landed there was lots of snow on the ground.

It’s amazing how you can travel 2.5 hours and have a total change of weather.

We spent thursday night at aunt Maury’s house in Charleston and finally arrived to avo Hayes’s and avo Joao’s yesterday afternoon.

We are all unpacked and ready for some family fun.

We are once again surrounded by snow so it looks like it will be another white Christmas. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!

ready for take off