Botanical Basel

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to take Lily to the Botanical Garden to have some peace and quiet.

Well, I should have known better since the garden is right across from the convention center where it’s Basel madness.

Basel had taken over most of the grounds with an outside cafe but, Lily and I still managed to find some hidden quiet spots.

After letting Lily run loose for over 2 hours, we came home, had lunch and then she took a 3 hour nap.

That never happens!

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ARTsy wednesday

Today’s artist is one of my favorite artists and you all know her.

I’m talking about Mother Nature.

I miss West Virginia and all the nature that surrounded me when we were there.

I miss the cool and dewy mornings, I miss the flowers, the butterflies, the fresh mountain air…

Here are some pictures from one of my nature walks when we were there in august.

Don’t you just love nature?

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This is where…

Lily has been really loving it here. Her days are so filled with wonder.

But she is not the only one.

Cousin Adelaide was back this weekend as well as other little friends of ours.

They all love it here.

And why wouldn’t they?

This place is magical for them.

You can see it in their little faces. 🙂

This is where…

you can swing over the flowers and butterflies


West Virginia style

There has been quite the mix of prints these days as far as Lily is concerned. (not intentionally either)

I definitely did not pack enough pants/leggings or long sleeved shirts for Lily.

The days have been cooler than we thought they would be.

Just the other day she started out with a green butterfly print dress. (cute!)

In the afternoon it got a bit cool so I put fuchsia and gray striped pants on her. (ok……)

As the night rolled in, the temperature dropped even more so to top the outfit off, I put a blue printed hooded sweatshirt on her. (oh boy!)

I’m a big fan of mixed prints but this was a no-NO! She was a printed mess! lol

But cute nonetheless. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

We will be celebrating avo Joao’s birthday tomorrow. 🙂 (lots of pics to share with you on monday)

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sitting pretty in avo Joao’s truck

oh boy!