Life in dots

I received my new phone (free upgrade) last week and I love it!

And as a matter of fact so does Lily.

It has all these camera effects that my other phone didn’t have and Lily’s favorite is the “dots” effect.

She is constantly asking me to take pictures of her favorite little friends, her, me and pai.

Lily in dots she says

mommy, Lily and pai in dots


Sweet little Lily moments

This past week as exhausting as it was, it was also really fun.

Lily is such a fun and energetic little person these days.

When at home, she is babbling like crazy, crawling all over the place, standing up holding onto everything and trying to walk.

When out, she is not as vocal but she is still the same little explorer like she is at home.

She is quite the curious little one. 😉

Sometimes I like to just stand back and watch her.

And of course take a few shots when she is completely not aware of the camera.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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looking out the window at the library


The death of my third eye

Saturday morning when Will, Lily and I got to the beach, I pulled my camera out to take some pictures (like I always do) and for some odd reason, the focus wouldn’t work.

At first I was going to just put the camera away but as I looked through the screen, I liked what I saw.

Everything was fuzzy and out of focus, kind of like an impressionist painting.

So, I shot these photos right before my camera decided to die altogether.

It’s not the first time a camera has died on me. It probably won’t be the last time either. I over use them. (surprise!)

But every time I’m left without one, I feel handicapped.

My camera is like a third eye to me. Sometimes it’s even more like a second eye.

Thankfully, Will has lent me his camera in the meanwhile but, I miss my third eye….. 🙁