The Barbie series

I’m working on a Barbie series.

Do you guys remember THIS post?

I can’t help myself. When one thinks of Barbie, I guess one thinks of her with Ken in a pink shiny car or walking her poodle in high heels wearing whatever ridiculous outfit.

I would like to thank Adelaide and Lily for showing me a very different Barbie world.

Have a great saturday everyone! We are off to the beach.


The fishermen’s grand-daughter

It shows that both of Lily’s avos are fishermen at heart because as you can see from the pictures below, she loves fish.

Hopefully her love for fish will continue and she won’t get too weirded out about what happens to the fish afterward so she can go fishing with both avos when she gets bigger.

Sorry to not have a mamas & their babies ready for you this week. We are only here in Miami for a week before we head to Portugal on monday and well, things are a bit hectic.

I also want to ask you to please head over to Happy Chaos and take time to sign the petition to bring Sumyra and Rayhana home.



Missing her Adaide!

Happy monday everyone, hope you had a great weekend.

We spent ours in the car driving home from Carova, NC but made it here safely.

Lily did great the whole drive and the one thing we heard the most out of her mouth was: “Adaide, where are you?”

She is totally missing her cousin Adelaide and how could she not? Those two little girls spent every waking (and sleeping) moment together.

It’s so hard and so sad to think that the next time they will see each other will be around Christmas time.

We have to be thankful at least for today’s technology and hopefully they will get to Skype.

Oh to be far away from family… 🙁


Friends… a photo challenge

Lily and cousin Adelaide in Carova, NC wearing matching dresses that were hand knitted by a family friend.

These little ones are 2 years apart but I’m pretty sure that this summer they became besties and created a bond they will hopefully have forever.

Joining Chelsey at The Paper Mama with this week’s photo challenge: friends.


It is now 10pm and we are in a Quality Inn right outside of Savannah, GA getting some much needed rest.

We left Carova, NC before 8am and with the exception of 2 eating stops and some gas/bathroom breaks, Will drove all day long.

We decided to stop in Savannah for dinner and a walk by the river since Will had never been and the last time I had been was over a decade ago.

I forgot what a cool little place it is and how much it reminds me of New Orleans.

Here are a few pics, hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Linking up to Mandy for Steppin’ Out.


Who is this tiny big person?

Today is our last day here in Carova, NC and I’m still on a blogcation but, I just wanted to talk about how much Lily has changed in this month that we have been away from home.

Everything about her has changed. Her hair has gotten longer, her face has changed, her mannerisms have changed, she is talking more, she is more physical….

I was looking at pictures of her from the beginning of August and she looks so different. It’s amazing!

Anyway, we will be leaving tomorrow and it feels like we have been away from home forever.

I will miss being around all this family, I will miss the big wonderful homes but, I look forward to seeing our little home and our family in Miami.

Have a great weekend everyone!

a lil crabby 😉


Funny faces

Happy monday everyone!

We are in Carova, NC and having a wonderful time despite the last 2 rainy and windy days.

The cousins, Lily and Adelaide are together again and they couldn’t be happier. (see funny faced pictures below)

It’s wonderful being together with family in this big house right on the beach where you can hear the ocean all day long and see the wild horses run right up to the house.

I am taking a little blogging break. Until next time!