Casa da Musica

Broken Social Scene at Casa da Musica

I mentioned before how amazing the Casa da Musica is.

Its architecture is so new, so clean, I loved seeing such a futuristic building amongst all the older architecture in that great city of Porto.

It was the perfect place to see such a show like Broken Social Scene.

Even though Casa da Musica is HUGE, the rooms inside are not so big.

You had a good view of the stage no matter where you were in the room.

Broken Social Scene ROCKED!

Not all the members were there (no Feist) but they jammed for 2.5 hours non-stop!

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Porto was AWESOME!! (despite the cold, the rain and being away from Lily)

It is such a great city. I think I like it better than Lisboa. (I still have to do a Lisboa post…)

We left Beja at 10am (as planned) on monday.

We had lunch right outside of Lisboa and arrived in Porto at around 4pm.

We found A Casa da Musica (what an AMAZING building!) right away and picked up our tickets to Broken Social Scene. (I will do a separate post on A Casa da Musica and the concert)

We were also lucky enough to find a good hotel with good rates right by A Casa da Musica.

After unloading our luggage and freshening up a bit at the hotel, we took a cab to the Ribeirinha.

It was great being able to see it both at night and during the day. (we went back yesterday afternoon)

To show you better, here are lots of pics. 😉

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a rainbow after the rain