Yesterday we went to Mertola.

Mertola is about 45 minutes away from Beja and it’s another one of those very old towns here in Portugal.

It was a beautiful, sunny and clear day.

We checked out Mertola’s castle and its beautiful cemetery.

It was a good time.

We are going to Lisboa today for a couple of days. I will not be posting tomorrow so don’t go on thinking there is anything wrong. 😉

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Lily’s first castle

Lily visited her first castle yesterday.

It was such a beautiful clear and cool day out that I decided we should go for a long walk over to the castle of Beja.

Beja’s castle is mostly considered a gothic style castle and it has been around since the 1100’s.

Despite the fact that Lily is still a bit sick and teething like crazy, she was really excited to be there and had a great time exploring the grounds.

I’m aware it’s picture overload but it was a castle!!! (and we miss Will and want him to see what we have been up to)

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