Back at the library

Yesterday was library monday. (soon to be library wednesday since they have changed the day)

We had not been there in a month and Lily was so happy to be there.

A lot of our friends were missing but there were lots of new friends for Lily to play with.

She was miss busy body, crawling all over the place, standing up onto chairs, easily playing with all the other kids.

She is so different from when we first started going…

taking it all in


I didn’t even realize…

This whole past week I felt a day behind.

I didn’t even realize that yesterday was friday!

I usually wish you all a good weekend so that is what I came here to do.

This weekend will be to decompress, clean and organize.

I feel like we have been on the go, go, go for a while. (august has been quite the full month)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday during sunset at The Standard Hotel. (I always wish it was my house because I love the way it is decorated)

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