Everyday life, a challenge

Linking to Rachel and Elizabeth with this week’s drawing challenge, “Everyday life”.

I must tell you that today is a gloomy day.

Not outside or weather wise but within me.

Sometimes with motherhood and in marriage my greatest challenge is to still be able to find a great sense of self.

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel like myself and I seem to have forgotten a great deal of myself, who I am and who I used to be.

But, all must be put aside because there are Elmos, Ernies and Abbies to be drawn and mommy and Lily hands to be traced.

And, I know all too well that these feelings come and go therefore tomorrow will be yet again another sunny day.

Love, a drawing challenge

I am joining Rachel at Hi Happy Panda with her weekly drawing challenges to not only make me motivated to draw more but, to also give me an opportunity to visit some of my old art work.

Since I decided to join late in the week I am entering an older drawing due to the lack of time to produce a new one.

This drawing was done in January of 2007 on paper with a color pencil.

Sometimes with LOVE comes heart ache and after a few years of being divorced from a previous marriage, I was finally ready to “Let it go”.

I based this drawing on a black and white photo that my friend Jackie took of me at her apartment in NYC back in 1994-95.

I think it’s by far one of my favorite self portraits.



Photo challenge

Joining Chelsea over at The Paper Mama for this week’s photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: Self portrait

The self portrait could either be by yourself, with your little one, your pet, whatever.

I chose to do mine with Lily because we were having a “moment” in her bedroom and I wanted to document it.

I was teaching her “nose-to-nose”.

I set it on self-timer and it was taken with our Nikon D3100.

It isn’t the clearest of pictures but I love it and the way it came out.

Photo challenge

Joining The Paper Mama‘s photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: Black and White.

I love this picture of Lily taken in August in West Virginia.

She was listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

With her little finger pointing up, it’s like she’s saying “listen….”.

It always stops her.

And she always stops me.

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The Paper Mama

Self-portrait challenge

Joining Juliana at Shakti Mama in this week’s self-portrait challenge.

This week’s challenge: the self as art

Lately I have been feeling very….paralyzed.

It has been almost 1 year since I stopped working and I’m still not used to not have to go to work.

Actually, let me rephrase that, I’m not used to not earning my own money.

I started working at the age of 15, I’m turning 38 soon and I’m feeling quite unaccomplished these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving being a full time mom to Lily and in my heart it is what I want to do and how I want things to be however, I’m having a really hard time not earning my own money and not coming up with ways that I can earn money AND be a stay at home mom.

I don’t want to be dependent on Will for money but yet, I feel paralyzed.

I would like to thank Juliana for coming up with such a great challenge.

It gave me an opportunity to draw and color.

I would have finished coloring the drawing but Lily woke up from her nap.

Maybe that’s the symbolism behind this self-portrait. It’s a work in progress. Like myself.

A constant work in progress.

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Photo challenge!

Joining The Paper Mama with her weekly photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: EXCITEMENT

Now we all know that Lily is for the most part a serious girl but she does get excited every once in a while.

I have never seen such excitement in her face like the time we went swimming at Whittaker.

It was her first time and she was so excited to be there.

She wasn’t the only one, avo Joao was pretty excited too! 😉

The Paper Mama