A typical day with Lil Muse Lily

Our days are usual pretty routine.

After Lily has her breakfast and before she takes her morning nap, we usually play on her mat, read books and magazines and, explore things around the house.

she likes to read up side down 😉

unwanted catalogs are the best entertainment. it will keep her busy for 30 minutes!


Cherry romance

It’s cherry season and i’m soooooooo happy about it.

I love cherries. When I was little, my favorite dress was a cherry print dress. (wish I had a picture)

There is nothing I don’t like about cherries.

I love the different shades of red. I love their shape. I love their size. I love the stem. I love how they taste. I love how they remind me of when Will and I first started dating and we had a cherry romance. I even love how they always make me think of the movie Witches of Eastwick. (that hilariously disgusting vomiting cherry scene)

aren’t they pretty? and YUMMY!