In my mother’s kitchen

I’m not really a breakfast person, not as soon as I wake up anyway.

But, in my mother’s kitchen, I’m a breakfast person.

Fresh goat cheese and melons from local farmers, fresh sweet bread from the local bakery… yes please!

The only thing I don’t really care for is all the chickens. But, whatever, that’s my mom’s thing.

Are you guys breakfast people? What do you like to have?

Oh! I know it’s wednesday and it’s supposed to be mamas&their babies day but, I have decided that since I am on vacation, the segment is too. I will restart it in November when we return to Miami.

In the meanwhile, please visit Happy Chaos for some mamas&their babies. 🙂

paozinhos de leite (sweet milk bread) and queijinhos frescos (fresh goat cheese)

fresh meats, cheeses and melon


Earth N Us

The last time we went to the Earth N Us farm, Lily was around 6 months old, and she ended up vomiting due to a reaction from a shot that she had had the previous day.

It wasn’t so much fun.

Yesterday however, it was a different story.

She fed goats, chickens, got to see a pig, chase a rooster, see ducklings and ostriches, play with her old friends and make a new one….

It was great!

Earth N Us Urban Organic Farm is owned by Ray who believes in an open door policy. Yes, anyone can just walk in!

They sell organic eggs, honey and goat milk.

It is located at 7630 NE 1st Ave in Miami.

Have a wonderful saturday everyone!

the girls, Raven, Sofia, Lien and Lily

Lily’s favorite street

Lily meet ostrich. Ostrich, meet Lily


Crazy chicken lady

My mother… LOL.

She is a funny one.

She has this dream of wanting to live in the country, in a country house because she loves country home style.

She is however in huge denial because she is a city girl and she would be a big country mess!

Anyway, since she doesn’t live in the country, she has ceramic chickens everywhere.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? (not really…)

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The Sanchez playhouse

Yesterday Lily and I had a visit from aunt Min that spontaneously turned into a visit back at her house.

I love going to the Sanchez residence. It’s like Peewee’s Playhouse!

There are all sorts of fun stuff around.

Super cool furniture, mirrors, toys, art, chickens…

Aunt Min and uncle Oli made a great dinner and we all just hung out and caught up on life and Lily. 😉

It was a great day. (thanks Min, Oli and Lulu!)

This weekend we will start celebrating Will’s birthday which is on monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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Lily chasing Pelunia

Pelunia. she’s a polish chicken