dear santa,





Mug shots

This past week was filled with mornings and afternoons at the park as well as fun down time at home.

I continued with my FB Good morning Miami mug shot series and that makes me happy.

I haven’t touched any brushes, paints or canvases yet but at least I’m no longer freaking out about it like I was last week.

It was a good week.

Today we will be running errands and tomorrow we will be celebrating K’s birthday as well as having a very late Christmas with our Miami family.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

good morning Miami. saturday. from Lily’s room


One with the trees

Christmas day 2011 was not the usual as far as weather is concerned for West Virginia.

The sky was blue without a cloud in sight, the air was crisp and not freezing, it was perfect for a walk.

After opening all the presents and a big brunch, that is just what we did.

While some napped, we took a long walk to the the meadow.

We walked and walked and once we reached the meadow, Lily just sat down on a fallen tree.

She just sat there with her hands on her lap, quietly. As if she was one with the trees.

Joining Chelsey in this week’s challenge: winter.

december 25 2011

She believes

Growing up I never believed in Santa.

Maybe it was because Christmas in Portugal at that time was not yet a very commercialized holiday.

Christmas for us was about Jesus, church, and big meals with family. (and presents of course)

There was always some aunt/uncle that would dress up as Santa in order to hand everyone their presents but it was always as a joke.

Will on the other hand believed in Santa until he was 12 years old. (yeah!)

John and Hayes (his parents) always did a great job at only wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve so when he and his siblings would wake in the morning, the tree was full of presents.

They would also leave milk and cookies for Santa.

I like the thought of believing in Santa. (or believing in the magic of Christmas)

Lily has not yet been taken anywhere to sit on Santa’s lap (or the Easter bunny for that matter of fact) because I think it’s something that should live in a child’s heart and imagination.

Like magic.

This past Christmas was a bit magical with a two year old Lily.

We started with an advent calendar in the beginning of the month, we read The Night Before Christmas for a week every night before the day AND on Christmas Eve, Lily left milk and cookies for Santa by the chimney.

On Christmas day after she went through her stocking that was left by her crib by Santa, she walked into the room, saw all the presents under the tree, saw the empty glass and plate and said “Santa was here!”.

She believes.

I can’t wait for the years to come and I hope Will and I can pull off the magic of Santa.

december 24 2011. leaving cookies and milk

december 25 2011. empty glass and plate