Lazy family day

Yesterday was by far one of the laziest family days we have had in a long time.

I know that many of you were out and about shopping black friday deals however, we stayed in our pajamas and did not leave the house ALL day.

We ate, ate, watched tv, ate, napped, ate, ate, watched tv, slept.

It was wonderful!!

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and a SHOUT OUT to…


She is 8 months old today.

Where has time gone?

Does anyone else feel like time goes by so much faster when you are watching someone grow?

At 8 months Lily is doing all sorts of things. Crawling, teething, eating all sorts of food, trying to stand up on her own, clapping, pointing.

She is the center of our universe.

Look who’s growing into the most beautiful Lily. (tears…)

November 07 2009. hours after she made our world all the better!

December 07 2009. starting to focus


All by herself!

YAY! Lily has finally figured out how to sit up all by herself from being on her belly.

It took her many tries filled with frustration and a few tumbles (not too many) but, she finally did it!

She is so funny when she does it too.

After she is sitting, she looks at me so I can cheer for her.

Of course!

What else would a proud mommy do?

YAY LILY!!!! (clap, clap, clap)

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awake from a nap

getting into position