No slave to fashion

Last friday I joined auntie K and some of her co-workers for happy hour at Doraku.

I decided to wear one of my favorite Zara pants.

I purchased them in 2009 when I was pregnant with Lily, wore them throughout my pregnancy and I still wear them all the time.

I read in either Elle or Bazaar that harem pants should be “stored away”.

You know what though?

I can’t store them away.

I love my harem military pants and no matter what fashion says, I will continue on wearing them.

Do you have items like that?

Items that you love so much that even though fashion says “store away” you can’t?


A clutch story

After I did the post “A DASHing evening”, Ellen commented on how she wanted to see more of my clutch.

I have been trying so hard to remember where I got this clutch.

If I tell you that I have had it forever and that saturday night was the first time I wore it, you probably won’t believe me but, it’s the truth. (I think I have had it longer than 10 years)

I either got it at the Lincoln Rd market or at a vintage store but EVERY time I went to wear it, I always felt like it was too big.

On saturday, once I put on my purple jumpsuit (that I hadn’t worn since I was pregnant with Lily in 2009), I knew that I wanted to wear red shoes.

I love the combination of purple and red together.

I decided to wear the red platform sandals I had not worn since I met Will in 2007.

So, the outfit was almost complete except for the bag.

I wasn’t sure what bag to wear, I didn’t want to wear the gray satchel I usually wear or the pewter clutch I tend to go to at last moment.

I reached deep into my accessory drawer and brought out the red clutch.

It was its time to shine. 😉



Mommy Style Update

Inspired by the beautiful flower prints they are showing for Spring/Summer this year, I decided to bust out an old little jacket of mine.

I purchased this jacket back in 2004, wore it to death until about 2006 and it had been sitting in my closet “resting” until last night.

I donate clothes a lot but, for some reason, I always hold onto my jackets.

Last night I had a mommy date with Claudia and Barbara.

We have known one another for almost a year, always do things together with Lily, Sofia and Dylan but had never done anything without the kiddos.

Claudia’s birthday is tomorrow so we decided to go out and have some dinner and drinks.

We had a lovely time. (so lovely there are no pictures because we were too busy talking and having fun!)

Happy saturday everyone!!