Sunday, a repeat of saturday

How was everyone’s weekend?

Yesterday was basically a repeat of saturday.

Lily and I went to the beach with uncle Darren and our friend Chloe met up with us there also.

We stayed at the beach longer than usual, it was almost 1pm when we left. Ouch!

We all had lunch at the Front Porch and on our walk home on Lincoln Rd, Lily was a bit like a zombie.

She wasn’t the only one, I feel like I had a marathon of a week.

But hey, Will is back home and I can at least enjoy my coffee peacefully in the morning again.

Happy monday everyone!


At peace

I had no idea what a toll the whole moving decision making process was taking on me.

Since Will and I made the decision to stay in Miami, I am so much more at ease and at peace with everything!

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I realized how filled with anxiety and nervousness I had been. (for too long might I add)

I sleep better, my coffee tastes better, the flowers smell better, the trees seem greener, my friendships seem everlasting…

It feels so good to be at peace with myself and with my surroundings.

And with that, I wish you all a peaceful weekend.



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Morning bliss

How do you start your morning?

We start our morning playing with Lily in bed.

It’s a special family moment that always seems to be the perfect way to start every morning.

After a little play time, Will takes Lily into the living room where they have some father-daughter time.

It is then that I grab my computer and catch up on emails and start my blog posts.

Shortly after, Will and Lily bring me my cup of coffee. It’s the sweetest thing!

That one hour to myself, is my one hour of morning bliss.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

notice anything missing? my coffee. it had not yet arrived.


As I’m writing my posts this morning, there is a tropical storm going on outside our bedroom window.

I love rainy, gloomy days.

Living in Miami (it’s always sunny!) has made me appreciate rainy days even more than I did before.

There is nothing I don’t enjoy about days like this.

Hot coffee, the sound of rain hitting my window, Devendra Banhart play station on Pandora … ahhhhh, blessed rainy friday. 🙂

Do you enjoy rainy days?


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bedroom window

Lily’s first BOOM!

Today Lily had her first BOOM! She fell off her lounger.

It was around 8:45a.m. and I was just waking up when I heard a big BANG followed by a loud scream which was then followed by crying.

Will was making coffee and Lily was in her lounger. She wasn’t strapped in. Lately we have been really good at strapping her in because she has started twisting and turning trying to get out but he assumed that she wasn’t going anywhere.

And that’s just what happened. She twisted and turned herself right off of it. It wasn’t a big fall, she was only 5″-6″ off the ground.

When I came into the living room, I didn’t know who was more traumatized, Lily who was still crying, or Will who looked like he wanted to cry.

After some TLC from both me and Will, Lily soon stopped crying and she was fine. Not one scratch, not one bump.

I’m not sure if Will will recover though….

Here is Lily cool as a pickle chilling on the couch wearing pajamas by babyGap that were a gift from uncle Darren.

A blissful friday morning

This morning started out with a surprising cup of espresso in a cup that I had purchased a while ago (picture 1) and love but hardly use. I usually have my coffee in the same mug but because our coffee maker broke this morning (not so blissful), Will surprised me with an alternative. Thank you!

I had plans to just kind of chill out at home and maybe do some laundry this morning since there was no library but, our cranky Lily (also not so blissful) had other plans in mind. (picture 2)

Since being outside always makes her feel better, I got us both ready and we headed out.

Am I ever so thankful to Lily for making us go out for a walk! Lincoln Rd looks so beautiful right now. There are flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!

We checked out some art (pictures 7 and 8. I like to call my self portrait Mona Claudia ;)), the water fountains (pictures 17 and 18) but our favorites were ALL (and I do mean ALL, look at all the pictures below) the amazing different kinds of orchids in all different colors that decorate the trees. If you are on Lincoln Rd, please look up and check them out, they are breathtaking!

It truly was a blissful friday morning.