Courtney Love

doll parts

December 31 2013 015

when i look at Lily in this picture i can’t help but to think of Courtney Love

i have a very clear vision of the Courtney Love i fell in love with in the early nineties

messy bleached hair with tiara, red lips, slip dress, fishnets and maryjanes

for some reason when i googled for pictures of her, the picture i remember did not come up

anyway, i think Lily may just be the girl with the most cake

don’t you?


A Hole evening with the girls

I had so much fun going to see Hole with my girls!

It was pouring while I was getting ready which made the decision of “what to wear?” a little hard but, I chose to go with one of my favorite looks, a dress with boots.

I always like the contrast of a dress (soft) and boots (hard). (I often wonder why I live in Miami since it’s hot most of the year and I don’t get to wear my boots often enough.)

As far as accessories, I borrowed Will’s bag (his murse :)) and what else does a mommy and wife need other than her engagement/wedding ring? (I usually wear earrings but since I knew there was going to be some head banging, I decided to skip them.)

The getting ready:

the dress, vintage H&M

the boots, French Connection. The bag, I scream seams



The weekend starts now and it starts off being a rockin’ weekend for me.

I’m going to see Hole perform tonight and I’m so excited about it!

Me, the girls (K, Jocelyn and Valerie) and Courtney Love.

What a way to kick things off for 4th of July weekend. 🙂

I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Be safe and have fun!!