cousin Sofia

Avo Carmo’s birthday

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday.

Tia Tete organized a big lunch at her house with the whole family. (only tio Ricky and Anabela were missing 🙁 )

The lunch started at 12:30pm and when we left it was 9pm. LOL

It was an ALL day event.

Everyone had a wonderful time just spending time together enjoying the present and reminiscing about the old times.

There were also exciting news… prima Ana is pregnant! 🙂 We are all soooooooooo happy for her and Nuno.

P.S- if these ALL day eating events continue, I will need some fat pants because I sure won’t fit in my skinny ones.

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Vitor, avo Carmo and Ana


Lily and cousin Sofia

Lily and cousin Sofia have gotten together several times now but are still trying to figure each other out.

What’s great is that they have almost the same age difference as me and Lena (cousin Sofia’s mom).

Lily is almost 4 months older than cousin Sofia just like I was with Lena.

Too bad we don’t live in the same town and they won’t be growing up together like Lena and I did. 🙁

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Lily and cousin Sofia


A barrette

Lily has moved from headbands to barrettes. 🙂

Yesterday while out, I found some really cute little barrettes.

Avo Carmo liked them also so she bought them for Lily.

I was totally surprised that Lily let me put the barrette in her hair and didn’t pull it out.

After all, she is always pulling Sofia’s and cousin Sofia’s out.

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Parabens Sebastiao!

Cousin Sebastiao turned 9 on friday and had his birthday party yesterday.

Lena (my cousin, his mom) did such a great job with all the drinks, cakes and games she had for the kids.

Lily had a wonderful time playing with cousin Sofia and watching all the older kids run around.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

It was a great saturday.

OH! And speaking of lil miss independent, Lily will most likely be walking soon. She is feeling quite confident these days. She got a lot of solo walking time between tia Tete and me at the party.