Mamas & their babies

Hello everyone, welcome to mamas&their babies wednesday!

Today I would like to share with you my beautiful cousin Ana and her baby daughter Teresinha.

As children growing up in Portugal, Ana and I grew up practically living at our great grand mother’s and at each other’s houses. Weekends, holidays, sometimes summers, we were always together. Along with our other cousin Lena.

We were like sisters.

Ana was always the sweetest cousin.

Actually, not only is she still the sweetest cousin but, she is also one of the most naturally beautiful people I have met. She was a beautiful baby, a beautiful child, a beautiful teenager and now she is a beautiful woman and mama.


Hot mess!

If you had seen Lily yesterday you would have wondered whose daughter she was. LOL

She was mismatched in the not so cutest way possible. But, whatever, it was a very wet day here, we were inside most of the day, I didn’t bring that many warm clothes and she had already gotten her first outfit all wet and dirty by rolling in the wet grass first thing in the morning.

This post however is not about her horrible mismatched outfit but about Lily playing dress-up.

Cousin Adelaide left some of her dress-up things behind and Lily was not shy to put them on yesterday. Making her outfit all the better.

If cousin Adelaide had seen her, she would have told Lily she looked like a “hot mess!”. 😉

a peak at fall’s look

A night story

I went out with my brother, my cousin Vitor and his cousin Antonio last night.

It was a beautiful night out.

The moon was almost full.

The sky was clear.

The air was crisp.

We hit a couple of small places in town and it was wonderful to be out and about somewhere different, walking on the old cobbled stone streets surrounded by so much old architecture.

When I returned home, as I sat in the kitchen eating some buttered toast, I looked around and tried to find anything that connected me to this house.

I never lived in this house.

Other than my parents, there is nothing in it that makes me call it “home”.

Then I looked up at the chimney and there they were.

The nun and monk salt and pepper shakers.

I finally found something that I remember having around as a child.

It made me smile. 🙂

It was a good night.

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