Baby Dicky

Baby Dicky is actually Ricardo.

My dad is Ricardo, my brother is Ricardo and Anabela’s brother is Ricardo.

To me and Lily he is baby Dicky.

Back in Miami before he was even born, I chose the name baby Dicky because I thought he was worthy of a different name all of his own.

Lily calls him baby Dicky and she loves her baby Dicky.

We have been fortunate to be able to have him around the whole time we have been here and even though he was born a premie, he is an eating champion and is looking super yummy these days.

baby Dicky on the 7th and yesterday. what a difference!

baby fever

baby Dicky and Lily early this morning


around here

We have been in Beja Portugal for 1 week today.

It was a week filled with adjustments and family.

Lily has been sleeping all through the night and wakes even later than usual (like 9-10am!).

She has still to really warm up to her avo Carmo and avo Ricardo but she is getting there.

She is ALL about mommy lately but, hey… her pai is far away so, patience.

Aside from spending a lot of family time together, we have been going to different parks and walks around town.

I wish the weather was cooler but, it feels wonderful to walk on these cobble stoned streets under different trees while looking at really old architecture.

Here are some delightful moments and happy full moon!

P.S.- I’m not sure how much traveling I will do this time around so, if you would like to see Portugal, visit some of last year’s posts. Go here, here, here, here and here.

visiting the ducks at the park i grew up going to

feeding the ducks


A weekend in Beja

Beja is where I grew up from the time I was 3 years old until I was 8.

It’s a small city in the Baixo Alentejo region and it’s where my family still lives.

This weekend there was a Kids Festival going on so we took all the kids and just let them go crazy.

It was a great family weekend filled with lots of cousin time.

Happy monday and I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

these guys cracked me up

Lily and prima Sofia

getting her face painted


Friends… a photo challenge

Lily and cousin Adelaide in Carova, NC wearing matching dresses that were hand knitted by a family friend.

These little ones are 2 years apart but I’m pretty sure that this summer they became besties and created a bond they will hopefully have forever.

Joining Chelsey at The Paper Mama with this week’s photo challenge: friends.


Is there anything better than an older cousin?

A cousin who holds you by the hand and shows you everything she knows?

A cousin who introduces you to the magical world of dressing up?

A cousin who scrubs you down and washes your hair in the shower?

A cousin who goes to bed earlier than her bed time because she wants to sleep next to you?

A cousin who watches over you and makes sure you are ok?

There is nothing better.

Lily has that in her cousin Adelaide.

These two little girls are creating a bond they will have hopefully for the rest of their lives and they are having so much fun while doing so.


A story of 3 cousins

When I was a little girl growing up in Portugal, I grew up with 2 cousins.

Lena and Ana.

Lena is my mother’s brother’s daughter and Ana is my mother’s first sister’s daughter.

Lena and Ana are actually double cousins (does that term exist?) because both my uncle and aunt married siblings from the same family.

Anyway, Lena and I are only 5 months apart (I’m older) and Ana is a few years younger than the both of us.

We all lived in different towns but they were all close to each other.

Because Lena and I were the closest in age, we were the best of friends.

We grew up like sisters really.

Our families would get together almost every weekend, every holiday, for a month during the summer we would gather at our family beach house, my mom was Lena’s mom and my aunt was my mom too.

Ana, the younger cousin, got to be a big sister to a brother (Vitor) first.

Then Lena, the middle cousin got to be a big sister to a brother (Eugenio).

I prayed every night for what seemed to be like years but I too finally became a big sister to a brother (Ricardo).

Because Lena and I would spend the summers together, we would play mommies and dress our brothers like girls. (so we were our mommies and our brothers were us. poor tortured brothers!)

All of us girl cousins are now married and proud mothers.

Lena has Sebastiao (9) and Sofia (short of 18 months).

As you all know, I have Lily (going on 19 months).

Ana, the youngest just became the proud mother of Teresinha.

It’s a new generation of 3 girl cousins by the exact same order as before.

I know it is hard because we are so far away from them but, I hope that Lily grows up to be close to her cousins like I grew up close to mine.